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What I Wore On The Day That The 112th Congress Was Sworn In:

-t-shirt from the campaign

-sweatpants from Oneonta.

As you can see, I was feeling mighty fancy today! …and mayyyybe a little sick of studying for the LSAT ;D

It was another great day in rural America everybody! Today was one of those days where I was happy to be unemployed because if I was working, I wouldn’t have been able to see Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State Address and the 112th Congress being sworn in today. First off- I thought that the State of the State Address was WONDERFUL. I applaud Governor Cuomo for giving the public a chance to attend because to tell you the truth- I feel that the reason people feel apathetic about politics is because they rarely get a chance to participate in the process. Mark my words- I believe Cuomo is going to be a Governor for the People. Last September, I was fortunate to meet his Lieutenant Governor, Bob Duffy, while I was campaigning. I was awestruck by his down to earth personality and how passionate he is about revitalizing the economy of Upstate New York. I honestly feel that New York finally has the leadership it deserves and is going to rise once more. I enjoyed Cuomo’s humor as well- it was the first time I can remember laughing during a State of the State address!

Also- the 112th Congress was sworn in today! I had to pull out the campaign t-shirt- we all worked so hard to see this day happen.

Tomorrow is my first day of volunteering at the office. I’m so excited to “work” again, you all have no idea! It’s another reason why I decided to be lazy with my style today because tomorrow I get to pull out the suit!

I will leave you all with this: It was my 2nd day on the campaign trail and my dad was giving me a pep talk. He told me how proud he was because he would give anything to be in my shoes. When I told him that I’d be working seven days a week, unlike everyone else, he didn’t sound shocked. Instead he said:

“When you do what you love, hours mean nothing.”

Tomorrow will be the first day since November 2nd where the hours will mean nothing.

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