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Chapter Two of Life in Transit(ion): I have a job in Albany.

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Through hell or high water, I will be an Albany resident by January. 

I wrote that back in November. For a long time, I thought that it was just a pipe dream. For those of you who read this journal (I hate the word “blog”), you have seen me struggle emotionally and hit new personal strides during my unemployment. 

Was this one of the worst things that happened to me? No. It wasn’t. Even when I when I couldn’t sleep, thought that I was unworthy of being hired, thought that I was stuck in Sullivan County for the rest of my life, saw my dog get run over, woke up one morning to find out that only hours of having such an amazing conversation… that someone I really cared about got into a lot of trouble, mutually ended a long distance relationship, saw two of my family members battle cancer, saw a family member get laid off, found out that my brother has this lump in his jaw and after a MRI and a CAT scan the doctors still don’t know what it is…we’ll find out on Wednesday about how to proceed, saw my social life die because I’m the only one left in the SC, kept in contact with the outside world through Facebook, twitter, and Tumblr, dealt with the insane bureaucracy that is NYS unemployment, and have someone tell me to my face while I was applying for a job “if you were so good, how come you’re laid off”…it still wasn’t the worst thing that happened to me.

Because from November 3rd to January 27th, I realized I am surrounded by so many people who love and care about me so much that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make me smile again. I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but jeepers thank you all so much. You all know who you are. Whether you let me kick back a couple of days to stay in your apartment, shared a beverage with me, found me a job, made me laugh, listened to me when I was sad…you all rock. I’m never going to forget that. 

I found love for Sullivan County again. I decided to go out and volunteer because it was better than staying home doing nothing. It was short but one of the best experiences of my life. 

Thank you everyone =D

Now you may be wondering about the new jay-oh-bee. I’m really excited. I’m interning at a lobbying firm in Albany! I really don’t care that it’s only 20 hours a week, I get paid well and seriously…I thought that the next job I was going to get was going to put my political career to a screeching halt because the market is D-E-A-D, DEAD. There is nothing better than getting paid to do something you’re passionate about because you’re willing to whatever it takes.

Even if you have NO idea what to do about your living situation. The next two months are going to be interesting, to say the least. In April, I plan to move in with one of my friends. We have our eyes on, what Craigslist makes it seem to be, an awesome apartment. I want to live with her, it will be an amazing time, and I hated living by myself. Not to mention- it’s a LOT cheaper. I can’t afford to live by myself. You see, I had no idea that I was going to get hired so quick and I would have been out of my mind to turn down the offer. Rest assured, things will be figured out. If I have to commute from home, I will. I don’t care about the money. If it has to be used as gas money, so be it, the internship means that much to me. 

I also have to find a part time job too. 

So yeah. Life’s going to be very interesting until April. It will all work out though.

I’m sure of it.

All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

-Conan O’Brien

Ever since I’ve lived by that, things have been good.

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