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nesting, a segue into competitive eating, and dancing without music.


hehe and I bet y’all thought I forgot how to write with all of these pictures and moving gifs I’ve been posting lately.

The day I have been longing for has finally come. I will be moving to Albany ridiculously soon. I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me. Although I love living in Saratoga I just can’t wait to get back to my old neighborhood. Case in Point: yesterday, I was at the All Over Albany birthday party…or should I say blog-day? AOA is honestly my favorite blog for the sole fact that it has so much heart and no matter if you have lived in the Capital Region for all of your life or for a year and a half (gee, I wonder who that could be ;D) the blog always comes up with new, awesome stuff to do and lets you meet new people. For example, through the blog, I found another Albany blogger who is looking to eat the Graveyard burger at the Wagon Train BBQ in Schenectady. 

What is the Graveyard burger?

The Graveyard burger consists of a 1 lb. black angus hamburger, 4 slices of bacon, 2 fried eggs, 6 slices of cheese, 1 lb. of pulled pork, 1/2 lb. of brisket, 1/2 lb. of pulled chicken, coleslaw, mac and cheese, fried jalapeño coins, onion tanglers, and bbq sauce on a supersize bun. It costs $24.99 but if you finish it within a half hour, you get your picture on the Wall of Fame in the restaurant and you won’t be charged for the burger. 

God damn. 

I saw that the blogger was asking the audience what he thought and immediately, my thoughts went back to May 2009, where my college was hosting the annual Resident Student Organization campus barbeque in the quad. I saw that there was a hot dog eating contest and that they were looking for competitors. I may have been 5’2 and around 130 pounds and that my competitors were a little bit taller and larger- but that didn’t stop me. I was in it for the glory. I knew I was going to win. 

Basically- here’s the gist when it comes to competitive eating. You’ve got throw self image out the window. This stuff isn’t pretty and in order to win, you have to be a complete slob. Eating the meat is EASY. It’s greasy. More than likely covered by some sort of sauce. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is the bun. 

(if boy-I-fancy is reading this, I give him full permission to leave me after I write these next paragraphs)

If you want to win a competitive eating contest- you need to dip the bun in water. Otherwise, you’re just going to be wasting time by chewing a bun. Buns aren’t meant to be chewed or savored. They are meant to be swallowed. And to tell you the truth, in a weird, disgusting way- I looked forward to dipping the bun in water because it killed two birds with one stone- I consumed my bun and got a drink of water at the same time. 

Surprisingly enough, I won. I ate 7 and a half hot dogs with buns, in two minutes. There wasn’t a prize though. All I got were bragging rights. 

(boy-I-fancy, if you did read this and you still want to be with me, you deserve a gold star)

The blogger replied back to my comment and thanked me but little did I know but a few hours after, I met him because he knew my friend I was at the event with. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I met him and pieced it all together. Oh Smallbany. 

That’s funny. Spell check did not prompt me to correct “Smallbany.” Maybe it really is the truth!

I also got to meet the founder of AOA and he was really, really nice! It was awesome, he remembered my blog comment on a post a few days back. To me- that’s the mark of a stellar person right there- a writer who cares about his community of readers. It just made me really happy to follow AOA because, like I mentioned before, I always thought it was a blog that had a lot of heart. Now I know that it does. So if you do live in Albany, and you’re not reading it- oh boy, I suggest you do so. 



I’ve honestly declared this week “Alex Looks At Crazy Animals Week.” 

Moving on. 

I don’t know- I’ve just been in a really terrific mood these last couple of weeks. Getting pretty excited about the upcoming future. It’s really nice!

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This is Hideaki Akaiwa. When the Tsunami hit his home town of Ishinomaki, Hideaki was at work. Realising his wife was trapped in their home, he ignored the advice of professionals, who told him to wait for the army to arrive to provide search and rescue.

Instead he found some scuba gear, jumped in the raging torrent – dodging cars, houses and other debris being dragged around by the powerful current, any of which could have killed him instantly – and navigated the now submerged streets in pitch dark, freezing water until he found his house. Swimming inside, he discovered his wife alive on the upper level with only a small amount of breathing room, and sharing his respirator, pulled her out to safety.

If he had waited for the army, his wife of 20 years would be dead.

Oh, and if that’s not enough badassery for one lifetime, Hideaki realised his mother was also unaccounted for, so jumped back in the water and managed to save her life also. Since then Hideaki enters the water everyday on a one man search and rescue mission, saving countless lives and proving that two natural disasters in a single day, and insurmountable odds can’t stand in the way of love. This man is my hero.

“How the fuck Hideaki Akaiwa got a hold of a wetsuit and a set of SCUBA gear is one of the great mysteries of the world. I’m roughly twenty hours into Fallout 3 and I’m lucky to come across a fucking vacuum cleaner in that godforsaken post-apocalyptic wasteland, yet this guy is in the middle of a real-life earth-shaking mecha-disaster and he’s coming up with oxygen tanks, waterproof suits, and rebreather systems seemingly out of thin air. I guess when you’re a truly unstoppable badass, you, by definition, don’t let anything stand in your way. You make shit happen, all the time, no matter what.”

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this is gorgeous.


By: Metin Demiralay

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Personally, I would have gone with this cover.

Why not both?

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