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14 more days until we move in.

Until then- let’s look at the bright side.

I’ve been having a rough day. Currently, I’ve been hopping from wi-fi hotspot to wi-fi hotspot because, for some reason, at the place I’m staying- my laptop and my future roommate’s router aren’t behaving, so I can’t log onto the internet there. Normally I’d live with it, however, I need to file my taxes and most importantly-  I need the internet in order to do my part time job. 

I’m usually a roll with the punches kind of kid, but for some reason today- I’ve been struggling to keep up. I’ve been sick for a week now. Last week I was misdiagnosed at Urgent Care. The doc said that I had a 24 hour stomach bug because of something that I ate. Turns out that the bug is a contagious stomach virus that got two other people really sick. The virus took down my appetite so I haven’t been eating like I should be. In turn, my immune system got weak and I have a cold now. Earlier today I wanted to throw in the towel, call it a bad day, and be miserable.

Then I realized something. My stepdad is known for saying this phrase: you should be focused on life giving and not life taking.

What use am I if I’m just going to be miserable? It’s a huge waste of energy. Yeah, my situation really sucks right now and I wish that things could be different. Guess what? I can’t change anything. The best I can do is deal with what’s going on and try to make something out of nothing.

So I did what any normal 23 going on 24 year old would do and I went to the Crossings at Colonie so I could swing on the swingset. It was a mood booster when I was 4 and it still feels awesome at (almost) 24. It was so funny because I’m a short person, but I was still a little too tall for the swings. A couple of minutes into it, my feet caught the pavement and I came to a sudden stop! I was surprised by this, as was the 4 year old across from me. She looked up from the sandbox and said:

“Are you ok?” Her mouth was wide open and she gave me a concerned gaze.

I smiled at her, and then I laughingly said, “Yep! I’m alright! I’m just a little too tall for these. Thanks though!” It was such an adorable moment. 

The best is yet to come and babe, won’t it be fine? 

Author: Alex

Hello! My name is Alex but you can call me Alexandra if you're feeling fancy. Here you'll find my adventures about exploring my new city of Hoboken, NJ, scurrying over the Hudson River to NYC, my bicycle excursions, and how I'm learning to embrace in medias res.

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