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the people you meet (and unexpectedly reunite with) when your bus is delayed for two hours.

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I know this sounds crazy but I love taking public transportation.

You can chalk it up to me growing up in the middle of nowhere- other than school buses, the small taxi companies, and the Medi-Vans, public transportation is non-existent in Sullivan County. My first ride on a public bus was when I went to college in Oneonta and I thought that it was the most marvelous thing. 

Last weekend, I took Megabus to NYC to visit a couple of friends where we would celebrate my birthday. It was a great time, especially when my sorority sister Dee took me on a tour of Chelsea. It was my first time there and I simply fell in love with it. We ate very yummy and CHEAP Thai food at Room Service (that link will take you to Dee’s blog!). We made the lunch special where you could get soup, an appetizer, and an entrée for $8. You can’t even get that deal in Albany. After lunch, I went to Pinkberry for the first time and I got green tea yogurt mixed with strawberries and raspberries which was pure bliss after drinking a 2 liter glass boot of beer at Biergarten the night before. She then took me to the High Line, which is a park that was built on an elevated railroad spur that used to lift freight. It is hands down the most modern and innovative park I’ve ever seen. There is even a floor fountain, where you can dip your feet on a hot day!

Dee and I, standing in the floor fountain.

She then took me to Chelsea Market- which I was very impressed with. Just like the Highline, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen and is home to, what I believe, is the coolest fountain.

The last stop on the tour was to the Chelsea Puppy Store. Yes, I said it, a store that is devoted to only selling puppies. We got to play with this very handsome beagle that I wanted to bring back with me to Albany. Unfortunately, my landlord isn’t a fan of pets. 

He was a very big fan of hanging out by my feet.

When it was time to leave NYC on Sunday, I was running against the clock to catch my bus because of all the subway construction. I’ve given up trying to understand the way the NYC subways work. I feel that I need to live there in order to get the gist of it and after living in DC, I’ve been very spoiled with how easy the Metro is to use. Yet I was able to make it well before my departure time of 2:45…

But just because I was able to make it before that time doesn’t mean that the bus would too. It turned out that my bus was delayed for two hours because Megabus was short staffed. To tell you the truth though- it wasn’t that bad. I ended up making a few friends out of it. There was a woman named Barbara who was a retired school aide who gave me some yummy Werther’s Original candies and this one grandmother that I befriended asked me to take her granddaughter to Dunkin Donuts after she heard that I was a youth leadership facilitator. It was definitely random, but I guess in those two hours she thought I was a trustworthy person. The biggest surprise of the day came when I saw this girl and boy stand in line for the DC Megabus, which was also delayed. I noticed the girl’s shoes and I really liked them. Then I saw her face and it turns out that it is Anna from Beach Koozies! I haven’t seen her in a year, since we graduated college. It was a wonderful and unexpected surprise- and I loved every minute of it. It was inconvenient that the bus was delayed for a long time (and tomorrow I will be writing to Megabus to see if I can get a refund) but you just couldn’t beat the quality of the people that I was in line with. 

Seriously, when do things like this happen?! =D This is why I love public transportation.

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Hello! My name is Alex but you can call me Alexandra if you're feeling fancy. Here you'll find my adventures about exploring my new city of Hoboken, NJ, scurrying over the Hudson River to NYC, my bicycle excursions, and how I'm learning to embrace in medias res.

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