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Alex and the GRE Math Section.

Let’s put this straight, I am horrible at math. I was great in it all throughout elementary school, in fact, my teachers would have me tutor other students. Then I don’t know what happened, 7th grade came and I found myself struggling with the subject from that point on. 

I find that the new GRE math section is easier than the old GRE math section because I feel that it is more intuitive and you can relate the problems to real life. However, if you struggle with math like I do, I can’t stress this enough:

Be honest with yourself. By being honest with yourself I mean this:

Everyday before I prep for the test, I ask myself how badly I want to go to graduate school. The answer always is “I’d give anything to be back in school again.”

If I really would give anything to be back in school again, I’m going to devote at least a hour or two a day to study until my test day (September 24th).

Second- expanding from that, while you’re being honest with yourself, be honest with your skills: I am horrible at math and I find myself struggling with ETS’ Math Review because they don’t explain why you got answers wrong. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up because the book sucks, I went to my library and picked up some remedial algebra books because the only way I’m going to succeed is if I’m comfortable with the problems. The only way to be comfortable is to practice.

Third- try to figure out what’s leading to your downfall. After looking at my mistakes I see that I’m rushing through the problems and in turn, my impatience is resulting in me getting answers wrong. For me personally, I have to remember to take my time. 

So what am I going to do on a Friday night?

I’m going to study. 


Because if I get an awesome score, I might get to spend my Friday nights living it up in an awesome city for the next two years.

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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Six

Wow, I didn’t know people would like and reblog these posts, so I guess I’m doing something helpful! Thanks for the love! I would definitely recommend taking these words and making your own sentences out of them though. As I’ve been studying, I’ve found that I recall words better if I “own” them rather than memorize them. 

So let’s keep a good thing going, shall we?

Also, this weekend I plan to write about how I’m studying for the GRE Math Section.

August- dignified, grandiose

The New York State Capitol takes my breath away every time I step into it because of its august architecture. 

Cupidity- greed, strong desire

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison because of his cupidinous Ponzi scheme.

Diaphanous- allowing light to show through, delicate

Although I love the look of diaphanous curtains, I had to buy blackout curtains for my room because the sunrise kept waking me up around 5AM.

Decorous- proper, tasteful, socially correct

When one goes to a funeral, it is decorous to dress modestly out of respect for the deceased.

Ingenuous- showing innocence or childlike simplicity

My four year old brother brother was very ingenuous when I was leaving to go back to Albany. When he saw me get into my car he said “Allie don’t go bye-bye!” I told him that I had to go to work and he replied “ok, I’ll see you later!”

Liberal – tolerant or broad minded; generous or lavish

My mom always gives me liberal amounts of mashed potatoes. 

Lissome- easily flexed; limber; agile

With time, yoga conditions your body to become lissome

Mores- fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes.

My partner became very jealous after he saw a European man kiss my hand; however I had to explain that it’s just part of the mores of how Europeans greet each other. 

Officious- too helpful, meddlesome

In each campaign, there is always one officious volunteer who you must try to control before he or she hijacks your operations. 

Requite- to return or repay

I don’t mind the fact that you owe me money, I know that you’ll requite me sooner or later. 

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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Five

Abase- to humble, disgrace

After feeling the backlash from his Craigslist sex scandal, Chris Lee, the abased former Congressman, has kept a low profile. 

Abscond- to leave secretly

The soldiers absconded from the enemy side’s headquarters, after planting the bomb that would hopefully assassinate the leader and end the war.

Hoary- very old, whitish or gray from age.

There will come a day when my hair will be so hoary that I will not have the enthusiasm to dye it. At that point, I embrace aging gracefully. 

Licentious- immoral, unrestrained by society

Even though it is illegal, prostitutes still engage in licentious acts.

Lumber- to move slowly and awkwardly

As a fast walker, I can’t stand being behind people who lumber on the sidewalks.

Machination- plot or scheme

To make drivers aware of cyclists on the road, the local bicycle coalition organized a machination to meet up in the park at a certain time and bike around the city.

Occlude- to stop up; prevent the passage of

I stuck a patch onto my bicycle tube to occlude air through my tire.

Palliate- to make less serious, ease

Some women opt for epidural to palliate their pain during labor. 

Propriety- the quality of behaving in a proper manner; obeying rules and customs

It is important, before one signs a lease or agreement to live with roommates, to have an honest talk and discuss what the propriety should be in the domicile.

Salubrious- healthful

It is important to buy free range meat because since they do not have any fillers in them, making your meal more nutritious and salubrious. 

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Ohhhh your lunch is on fire!

I made an executive decision that blogging by candlelight is better than using electricity. My mom bought me these votive candles right before I moved to Potsdam last year but I never had the time to burn them because I was working so much. They have been sitting on my bookcase for the last few months and I thought that tonight would be a wonderful night to burn them. Yet! I didn’t have a votive candle holder! I looked around my room and found my aluminum lunch box that my former boss gave me as a going away present. It has never been utilized before and I thought it would be a lovely wax catcher. I’m pleased to say that it is and I love the aesthetic appeal of this new “candle holder.”

P.S. I love playing with hot wax.

P.P.S. Get your minds out of the gutter =p

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There’s bound to be some Fanilows out there in Tumblrland.

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Palestinian women and girls from the West Bank at the beach in Tel Aviv, after a group of Israeli women snuck them into the country for a daylong excursion. Most of the Palestinian women had never seen the ocean before, because they live in a part of the West Bank that is landlocked. Skittish at first, then wide-eyed with delight, they waded into the Mediterranean, smiling, splashing and then joining hands, getting knocked over by the waves, throwing back their heads and ultimately laughing with joy. Read more here.

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Fuck yeah, Louis CK.



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this is so beautiful. I’m speechless.


Soldier’s Embrace

Photo and caption by Randy Pressman

A brief embrace before these soldiers head back to their respective bases

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a lil’ bit of whimsy for your day.


(More paintings here.)

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This is one sad photo but I’m so captivated by the environment surrounding this woman. First, I noticed the fluffy blanket she is clutching and I almost feel as if I could reach out and touch it. Second, the huge window grabs my attention, the weather outside looks bleak and cold and matches her somber mood.

I wouldn’t mind a print of this.