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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Two

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(note: I think this is working. Two days after making that first sentence set, I find that I’m retaining the words better. Whenever I do the drills in Barron’s GRE Vocabulary Workbook, I find that I forget them as soon as I finish the drills. However, I’m happy that the workbook is introducing me to new words. My tip is that studying is different for everyone and you have to find out what works for you. I’m going to keep doing this…I really want a near perfect score on the verbal.)

Alleviate- to make more bearable

The proposed bike lanes are sure to alleviate traffic congestion. 

Antipathy- extreme dislike

I don’t understand why they both have such antipathy towards each other. I could never imagine wasting my energy to hate someone so much when there’s better things to live for. 

Bilk- to cheat, defraud

The bouncer bilked us out of our money, we only stepped out of the club to go outside, and he had the gall to charge us cover again!

Chauvinist- someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs

Clearly, the men who stood up at Hillary Clinton’s rally in 2008 and yelled “IRON MY SHIRT” were male chauvinists

Circumspect- cautious, aware of potential consequences

If you must walk alone at night, you should be very circumspect regarding your surroundings.

Coterie- an intimate group of persons with a similar purpose 

(note: this might just be my new favorite word.)

Last night, D invited a coterie of fellow Magic: The Gathering players to his apartment. 

Inter- to bury

After talking about the reasons behind their antipathy towards each other, they decided to inter their harsh feelings and move on.

(two GRE words from this set in one sentence!)

Slake- to calm down or moderate

Mothers tend to slake fights between siblings. 

Specious- deceptively attractive, seemingly plausible but fallacious

You have to watch out when responding to a Craigslist ad, some may be specious.

Stratagem- a trick designed to deceive an enemy

When playing chess, I must be aware of my opponent’s moves, he may trap me in a stratagem

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