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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Three

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Abstemious- moderate in appetite

When you are an unpaid DC intern, expect to have many abstemious meals.

Deride- to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock

My friend thought I was deriding him when I playfully said he was attempting to off road with his hybrid bicycle. I was contrite when he told me he couldn’t tell whether or not I was joking. 

(one word from yesterday’s set used in this sentence! Seriously, I highly recommend writing out these sentences if you want to be able to recall these words on a whim!)

Dissemble- to present a false appearance, to disguise one’s real intentions or character.

I’m really bad at dissembling. Within 30 seconds, I have to tell the truth.

Malediction- a curse; a wish of evil upon another

A voodoo doll is a form of a malediction

Oblique- indirect or evasive; misleading or devious

The study, as presented, is oblique. You didn’t provide any data to support your claims. 

Obviate- to prevent; to make unnecessary

It is important to communicate freely with your loved ones; when everyone knows where they stand, it obviates the chance of fighting.

Peregrinate- to wander from place to place, to travel, especially on foot

Brian peregrinated all over Canton so he could knock on doors and remind voters to get out and vote on Election Day. 

Précis- short summary of facts

She thought it would be helpful to write a précis to accompany her thesis, in case readers didn’t have the time to read the 32 page paper. 

Politic- shrewd and practical in managing or dealing with things; diplomatic

It may sound like a weird approach, but it is important to be politic when dealing with typical issues and problems that you will encounter in your 20’s. Just remember, it’s not forever and live for the moment.

Raconteur- witty, skillful storyteller

Many Lost fans view J.J. Abrams as a raconteur.

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