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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Six

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Wow, I didn’t know people would like and reblog these posts, so I guess I’m doing something helpful! Thanks for the love! I would definitely recommend taking these words and making your own sentences out of them though. As I’ve been studying, I’ve found that I recall words better if I “own” them rather than memorize them. 

So let’s keep a good thing going, shall we?

Also, this weekend I plan to write about how I’m studying for the GRE Math Section.

August- dignified, grandiose

The New York State Capitol takes my breath away every time I step into it because of its august architecture. 

Cupidity- greed, strong desire

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison because of his cupidinous Ponzi scheme.

Diaphanous- allowing light to show through, delicate

Although I love the look of diaphanous curtains, I had to buy blackout curtains for my room because the sunrise kept waking me up around 5AM.

Decorous- proper, tasteful, socially correct

When one goes to a funeral, it is decorous to dress modestly out of respect for the deceased.

Ingenuous- showing innocence or childlike simplicity

My four year old brother brother was very ingenuous when I was leaving to go back to Albany. When he saw me get into my car he said “Allie don’t go bye-bye!” I told him that I had to go to work and he replied “ok, I’ll see you later!”

Liberal – tolerant or broad minded; generous or lavish

My mom always gives me liberal amounts of mashed potatoes. 

Lissome- easily flexed; limber; agile

With time, yoga conditions your body to become lissome

Mores- fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes.

My partner became very jealous after he saw a European man kiss my hand; however I had to explain that it’s just part of the mores of how Europeans greet each other. 

Officious- too helpful, meddlesome

In each campaign, there is always one officious volunteer who you must try to control before he or she hijacks your operations. 

Requite- to return or repay

I don’t mind the fact that you owe me money, I know that you’ll requite me sooner or later. 

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