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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Seven

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Bifurcate- to divide into two parts

The construction workers bifurcated the road to make one lane for cars and the other for bicycles. 

Boor- crude person, one lacking manners or taste

I hate hanging out with that boor; he never knows when to stop with the fart jokes.

Convoluted- intricate and complicated

When a relationship becomes so convoluted that it turns both parties into toxic characters, it is best to end it. 

Judicious- sensible; showing good judgment

My friend in DC always has judicious advice to offer. 

Knell- sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failure

When a Pope dies, you will hear the knell from the Vatican’s bell tower to alert the people of his passing. 

Meticulous- extremely careful; fastidious; painstaking

In order to perform well on the GRE Math section, I must be meticulous with my arithmetic to ensure I’m not making any careless errors. 

Puerile- childish, immature, or silly

I consider it puerile to get into fights on Facebook. 

Repast- meal or mealtime

I used to dread repasts at the college dining hall because of the poor quality of the food. 

Stasis- a state of static balance or equilibrium; stagnation

The Statue of Liberty is in stasis. Chicago won’t be taking it anytime soon. 

Tyro- beginner; novice

You can tell from my stances that I am a tyro in Tae Kwon Do. 

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