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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Nine

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So what’s a girl to do when the S&P lowers the country’s credit rating and everyone is predicting the economipocalypse?

Study for the GRE, of course! 

Aerie- a nest built high in the air; an elevated, often secluded, dwelling.

If I were a bird, I’d build my aerie high up in the trees so predators couldn’t harm my eggs.

Apocryphal- of questionable authority or authenticity

My old professors used to warn about using Wikipedia as a source for my papers because they considered the information to be apocryphal.

Articulate- able to speak clearly and expressively

There’s no question about it; in order to win an election you must be able to speak articulately to connect with voters. 

Forestall- to prevent or delay; anticipate

The rain forestalled my plans to bike in the afternoon. 

Inchoate- not fully formed; disorganized

I’m glad that I am applying to graduate school now instead of right after I graduated in 2009. When I was an undergrad, my career plans were inchoate and I wasn’t sure of what I exactly wanted to do. Now that I’ve had almost two years of working in the political field, I know the direction I want to point my career towards. 

Inculcate- to teach; impress in the mind

It is clear that Governor Rick Perry inculcated his values and talking points upon his 30,000+ audience made up of Evangelical Christians. 

Indolent- habitually lazy or idle

I can’t stand people who complain about their jobs and are too indolent to look for other opportunities. Yeah, it may be a pain to job search every night after work, but you may come across a job that you may actually like!

Impecunious- poor; having no money

While I have been impecunious for most of 2011; I was rich in political experience. I know that one day all of this hard work will pay off!

Laconic- using few words

While I am very talkative; my brother Raymond is laconic. 

Lapidary- relating to precious stones or the art of cutting them

The lapidarist was very talented in cutting precious stones into beautiful pieces of jewelry. 

Panegyric- elaborate praise; formal hymn of praise 

The victim’s panegyric for the firefighter who saved his life brought everyone in the room to tears. 

Upbraid– to scold sharply

If I had known that he was groping my best friend at the bar, I would have upbraided him and ended things then and there. 

Wan- sickly pale

I was concerned when I saw her wan skin; she was so healthy the other week! 

Wraith- a ghost or specter; a ghost of a living person seen just before his or her death

As geeky as this sounds; I know that you have to kill a lot of wraiths in the Elder Scrolls games.

Zenith- the point of culmination; peak

Even though I already have a campaign win under my belt; I do not believe I’m at the zenith of my career. There is still so much more good work to do! 

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