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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Eleven

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I always lose track of the lesson numbers. I bet The Count wouldn’t though!

(also: I never knew he had a floral lining on his cape!)

Affected- phony; artificial

Yuck, this tastes like affected banana!

Arrogated- to claim without justification; to claim for oneself without right

Look dude, I know you’re upset that the Cookie Monster just barged into your apartment and arrogated your cookie jar without your permission, but what can you do? Some Muppets never change and you’re just going to have to accept that. 

Banal- predictable; cliched; boring

Actually, that’s the reason why I can’t hang out with Cookie Monster anymore, he is so banal! I just want to say “yes, I got it the last 100 times you told me, C is for cookie!”

Cosset- to pamper; treat with great care

The sickest thing about it all is that he cossets his cookie jars. He puts them all in this trophy case and polishes them daily. 

Disabuse- to set right; free from error

After talking with the DA, she said that as long as I perform 100 hours of community service my record will be disabused. 

Ebullient- exhilarated; full of enthusiasm and high spirits

I think a lot of people could describe my personality as ebullient

Edify– to instruct morally and spiritually

Yoda edifies young Jedi warriors. 

Exigent- urgent; requiring immediate action

After we heard voters complain of being intimidated at the polls, it was exigent that we got in contact with the Board of Elections and our lawyers. 

Gregarious- outgoing; sociable

I can also be described as gregarious

Mar- to damage or deface; spoil

There’s no question about it; his actions marred a beautiful friendship. 

Mercurial- quick, shrewd, and unpredictable

Cassidy, featured on Toddlers and Tiaras, is quite mercurial. You never know what kind of meltdown she will have next! 

Mirth- frivolity, gaiety, laughter

There’s no doubt about it, Rob brings the mirth to every party with his jokes.

Parley- discussion, usually between enemies

That was one intense parley between the two parsley manufacturers over whose grounding techniques are the best!

Perspicacious- shrewd, astute, or keen-witted

Tom was always very perspicacious when it came to hiding the fact that he lived in the radio station’s office. He always made sure to clean up after himself and leave before the janitors came by. 

Prevaricate- to lie or deviate from the truth

That’s the one thing about Cookie Monster, he won’t prevaricate and say that he didn’t steal your cookie jar. He will own up to the fact. You don’t meet many Muppets like that. 

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