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what a difference a year makes.

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I kicked and I screamed.

I cried and I fought. 

I constantly wondered if I could meet up to these impossible demands.

Then I realized, sometimes you just got to get up, go, and show what you’re made out of.

I found out that if you do that- the impossible is possible. 

When I look back at this past year, I see a stronger Alex. An even more resilient Alex. A matured and focused Alex. And somehow, throughout all the scratches and disappointments, I still find that I’m true to myself and will always find the time to laugh, smile, and share my light with others. 

I’m not done yet. 

I’ve got a goal to reach. I’ve got a test to take. I’ve got to do my best so I can bring out the best in others and in my community.

I’ve got exciting plans and visions for Albany before I leave it next year. 

October is the month when it all goes down.

Author: Alex

Hello! My name is Alex but you can call me Alexandra if you're feeling fancy. Here you'll find my adventures about exploring my new city of Hoboken, NJ, scurrying over the Hudson River to NYC, my bicycle excursions, and how I'm learning to embrace in medias res.

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