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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Thirteen

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Aberrant- deviating from what is normal or expected

I don’t like my neighbor because of his aberrant behavior; he and his brother exercise naked in front of their window. They must have some ridiculous Adonis complexes.

Axiom- premise; postulate; self-evident truth

In Lost, the survivors lived by this axiom to survive: “Either we live together or die alone!”

Demur- to express doubts or objections

Towards the end of the relationship, he often demurred to her.

Maudlin- overly sentimental

There are so many maudlin blogs on the internet.

Numismatics- coin collecting

My grandfather loved numismatics; he had jars of coins in his room. 

Obsequious- overly submissive and eager to please

Don’t get me wrong, she was a great waitress but she was obsequious. She came back to our table every five minutes to see if we were alright.

Opprobrium- public disgrace

Anthony Weiner found himself in opprobrium after posting a picture of his junk on Twitter. 

Quotidian- occurring daily; commonplace

After living in a city for two years, the sounds of police and ambulance sirens are quotidian and I don’t seem to mind them anymore.

Repudiate- to reject the validity of

The supposed baby daddy jumped for joy on the Maury Povich show when the DNA test repudiated the accusing baby mama’s claims that she was 101% sure that he was the father. 

Restive- impatient, uneasy, or restless

In 2006, my family and I were evacuated out of our apartment when a flash flood devastated our small town. There was so much water that the streets resembled streams. As the fire department loaded us onto the rowboat to bring us to safety, my father calmed my restiveness and said “Well Allie, since I never took you to Venice, I decided to bring Venice to you.” It was that moment when I realized that I was so lucky to have been raised by such a wonderful man. 

Stentorian- extremely loud

Whenever the bums outside my window are being stentorian, I call the police. 

Trenchant- acute, sharp, or incisive, forceful, effective

Every time Michelle Bachmann tries to be trenchant about her views on how to build a greater America; she always comes off as ignorant. 

Usury- the practice of lending money at exorbitant rates

I feel the student loan companies are guilty of usury.

Yoke- to join together

Pioneers often yoked their oxen together so that they wouldn’t steer the wagon in all sorts of directions. 

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