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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Fourteen

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Assuage- to make something unpleasant less severe

To assuage the pain I experience when receiving Gardisil shots, I swear as the nurse injects me. For some reason, it helps. 

Enervate- to reduce in strength

Make sure to tell your doctor that you take birth control pills, otherwise he may prescribe you a medication that could enervate them.

Erudite- learned, scholarly, bookish

I think erudite guys are sexy. 

Exponent- one who champions or advocates

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an exponent for civil rights. 

Fractious- unruly, rebellious

He was so overwhelmed by the freedom he experienced at college that he became fractious. He thought attending parties were more important than attending classes. 

Inquest- an investigation, an inquiry

After the hackers sent an e-mail out to all of students saying that class was cancelled for the day, the college launched an inquest to find out how the system was breached.

Misanthrope- a person who dislikes others

I’m pretty sure misanthropes lead lonely lives. 

Mollify- to calm or make less severe

The mother mollified the fight between her two children by saying that if they stopped screaming at each other, they could have ice cream.

Orotund- pompous

I can’t hang out with Timmy, he’s so orotund. All he talks about is his furniture made out of the finest mahogany and his rich leather bound books.

Parry- to ward off or deflect, especially by a quick-witted answer

Earlier this year, Charlie Sheen gained notoriety by parrying every question he was asked by the Good Morning America interviewer. 

Rococo- very highly ornamented; relating to an 18th century artistic style of elaborate ornamentation.

I don’t even know how to use rococo in a sentence and I believe that this word was better for the old GRE because it was probably used in the analogies section.

Sybarite- a person devoted to pleasure and luxury

Paris Hilton is a sybarite.

Torpor- extreme mental and physical sluggishness

She experienced torpor after her 23 hour flight to China.

Viscous- thick and adhesive, like a slow-flowing fluid

Honey is very viscous.

Wanton- undisciplined; unrestrained; reckless

I can’t stand it when the wanton teens graffiti the neighborhood. 

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