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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Fifteen

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I never thought I would get a lot of attention in the blogosphere for choosing GRE words and making sentences out of them but seriously you all, keep the love coming. No matter how tired I am from working my two jobs, seeing all of these likes and reblogs just give me the extra oomph (that’s not a GRE word) to keep studying and hopefully rock this thing. It’s awesome to know that this is helping you all out too!

Ardor- intense and passionate feeling

Glen Hansard sings with ardor as he describes how much he misses his former lovers. 

Demagogue- a leader or rabble-rouser, usually appealing to emotion or prejudice

Sarah Palin is a demagogue of the Tea Party. 

Dirge- a funeral hymn or mournful speech

He gave a dirge at his father’s funeral. 

Enumerate- to count, list, or itemize

The campaign organizers enumerated the voters by their voter history to develop a contact strategy. 

Fecund- fertile, fruitful, productive

It is my dream to one day tend over fecund urban garden. 

Foment- to arouse or incite

A group of students thought that it would be a great idea to foment a revolution to change the dry campus policy by drinking on the quad and encouraging other students to do so. 

Inimical- hostile, unfriendly

After their breakup, they were so inimical, they couldn’t stand to be in the same room. 

Largess- generous giving bestowal of gifts

Magnate- powerful or influential person

Although it was well known that the magnate was ruthless when it came to buying out companies; he was also revered for his largess. Each year, he donated millions to various city charities. 

(two GRE words in one sentence. boom. roasted.)

Philistine- a person who is guided by materialism and is disdainful of intellectual or artistic values

The hipster was the biggest philistine I have ever seen. She only had a record player in her room because it added a vintage feel to the room and never played a single record on it. 

Ribald- humorous in a vulgar way

Louis C.K. is a ribald comedian and I love him for it. 

Sanguine- ruddy, cheerfully optimistic.

Everyone always compliments me on my sanguine personality. 

Stolid- unemotional; lacking sensitivity

O.J. Simpson showed the world how stolid he is when he released his book If I Did It, in which he hypothetically described how he would have killed his wife and Ronald Goldman. 

Turgid- swollen as from a fluid; bloated

The drowned man’s body was turgid.

Zealot- someone passionately devoted to a cause

There are many zealots who are outside of the White House and protesting against the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

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