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The problem with having the best commuter bike ever…

Isn’t it always the case? That we always want whatever we buy to be the best? Whether it’s a TV, a house, or in my case, a bicycle, we always want our investments to be worth it.

Slowly but surely, I am outfitting my bicycle to be the best commuter bike you’ve ever seen. Fenders? Check. Rack? Yep! Bell? Of course! Phone holder? Well, originally, I always clipped my iPod case to my brake cable, but ever since Spotify came into my life, the iPod is retired and I had to get a phone holder so I’m not stuffing it in my bra all the time. I’m so proud of my bike…

…and I’m also scared for it too. Newark is Newark and I need to purchase grade A locks because I’m sure it’s going to be eyed by thieves. In Albany, I was able to get away with using a $15 Kevlar cable and I’m sure I could even get away with it here on Florida’s Space Coast but in Newark, that cable would be clipped through in minutes. Actually, any lock, now matter how expensive or secure the company may claim it to be, can be broken through with an angle saw.

However, even though your bike is never truly secure when it’s locked, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give thieves a hard time if they want to steal your bike. I’m planning on locking my bike three different ways so that if they want to steal it, they’ll have to work on it. My bike also has decals about how it has a carbon fork, which I think is a stupid move on Raleigh’s part because anyone who knows bikes wants a carbon fork since it dampens out the road vibrations. I feel the carbon decals encourages people to steal your bike so my mission is to find some stickers to cover them up!