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first week of school! thoughts about school and the city of Newark

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Hey everyone! I’ve been a little MIA over these past couple of days, but I am SO happy to say that I’m typing to you from my dorm room because from Sunday to Wednesday morning, I was banished to the lounge. I found out wireless was very spotty in our dorms and the only way to receive a reliable internet signal is through an ethernet cord. Yeah, you read that right. I was surprised too because I haven’t connected like this on a college campus since 2005. I’m here for two years and mark my words, that will change once I find out how to join student government.

For some reason, I wasn’t able to connect through the ethernet cord so I had to wait until Tech Services came to my room and worked their magic. Along with that, my cable wasn’t hooked up so basically, stepping into my room was the ultimate study environment because the only thing to do was read!

Living on-campus has its pros and cons. The pros are that I’m only a 5 minute walk from my classes, my room is huge, my roommates are awesome, and I get to meet a lot of people. It’s crazy expensive though, especially since I’m paying my way this semester, it’s hard for me to justify $850 a month when I could get something a lot cheaper. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some chill people to lease an apartment with. We shall see!

On Tuesday night, there was an attempted robbery near my dorm. There are some changes I’ve made regarding my lifestyle. I don’t know if things will be like this forever or how I’ll adapt when I get used to campus more but let’s just say this, it’s not like Oneonta where I could walk from the Library at 2AM, alone, with my headphones blasting without a care in the world. I had to go to Downtown Newark to cash a check at the bank. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad.  I can’t wait until I get more used to the flow of things, because I really want to work to improve this city and help erase the stigma that comes with it. I was reading our school paper and I was so sad to see that there weren’t any articles about spots to see downtown.  I’m talking with my professors, who know the city better than I do, and I asked them about cool places to write about that students would be interested in. I know this quote has been used over the years ad nauseum, but rings true for each of us, no matter which community we reside in: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Newark is my responsibility for the next two years because like my parents taught me, when you go over to somebody’s house, you make sure you left it better than when you came.  I feel a strong solidarity with my fellow students at Rutgers-Camden because something tells me they go through the same thing we do.

As for my classes, it feels really good to be in a classroom again. So far, it’s the first week and the workload is pretty light. Granted, my job assignments put me in a different mindset that wasn’t with me when I was in undergrad. In my former career’s world, when you were assigned something, you move heaven and earth to make it happen now. I’m not saying this to boast, but I’m already ahead on my readings and assignments for next week. Will I keep this pace throughout the semester? We’ll see but I thank all of my former bosses for whipping me into shape. I am looking forward to more of a challenge though. I’m going to submit job applications today, not only because I’m paying my way through school (so scary but it teaches you how to appreciate your education), but because I need something to do during my days.  All of my colleagues are really nice and next week, my group is giving a 15 minute presentation about the public’s view on traffic regulation and highway safety and whether or not we need more regulations. I am going to arguing against more regulations, which is the opposite of how I really feel, but it’s always cool to see other sides of the story.

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