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My first Marathon in the 518.

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This is going to mean a lot to me in so many ways. I’ve never trained for anything like this before but I’m excited for the challenge. I was kind of disappointed when I found out that I couldn’t qualify for the NYC Marathon this year because, through NYRR, I need to complete 9 races and staff one as a volunteer in 2014. Honestly, I see there’s a reason for that and it’s actually really fun planning which races I want to run and I’m itching to volunteer with a race because even though I’ve only done one race with them, I love the enthusiasm behind the organization and I’d like to be a part of it.

After my race, I thought about the Boston Marathon, which takes place every April, and is about 6 and 1/2 months earlier than the NYC Marathon. While I’ve always heard great things, I’ve never been to Boston and I think this would be one incredible way to see the city. Unlike the NYC Marathon, where all I have to do is complete the 9 races and volunteer at 1 event, I actually need to qualify with a time below 3 hours and 35 minutes. I looked at the top races and I found that there was in the Capital Region. When I found out, I laughed because I lived there for so long and had no idea that this event took place. Then I smiled because I saw the route is my beloved Mohawk-Hudson Bike/Hike Trail. I used to ride almost every day when I lived there. It’s where I developed my love for transportation planning.This is where my first marathon is meant to happen. Plus, I get to see my dearest friends for a weekend. I don’t get to hang out with them that often, so this is going to be so legit.

Now all there is to do is to train. I’m going to follow this marathon training schedule because it integrates yoga with it. I’m going to try my best to follow through with the practice. The best thing is that I live in the NYC Metro area and there isn’t a shortage of dedicated running trails. I also need to figure out how to eat for this thing. Luckily for me, I really like peanut butter!

Things are falling together. There are a lot of thoughts to expand upon but until I can sort them all out, what I can confidently say is that I believe I am where I need to be and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than here.

Author: Alex

Hello! My name is Alex but you can call me Alexandra if you're feeling fancy. Here you'll find my adventures about exploring my new city of Hoboken, NJ, scurrying over the Hudson River to NYC, my bicycle excursions, and how I'm learning to embrace in medias res.

One thought on “My first Marathon in the 518.

  1. Wow they make woman run a 3:35:00 thats nuts I barely got under 4 hrs granted I was focusing more on Spartan Race training than straight running. Still thats rough lemme know if you need any coaching I have alot of running experience.

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