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Being present with a stress fracture, volunteering with NYRR, and my new race schedule.

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One of the yogic philosophies is to “be present,” which is meant to teach us to live in the moment. I find myself reflecting back to this lesson every time I stretch out my right foot. The good thing is, when I stepped into the shower yesterday morning, I noticed that the pain was starting to dull. Immediately, my heart exclaimed, “I’m healing! If it’s like this on Monday, I’ll totally be able to race on Sunday!” Then reality sunk in. If this is a stress fracture, I’m out of commission for at least a couple of weeks. I’ll be lucky if I get to race with NYRR on May 11th.

On Easter Sunday, I was certain that I needed to see a doctor but now that it’s feeling better, I guess I’m on the way to recovery. Yoga has been helping a lot. At first, I was nervous because I didn’t want to damage the metatarsal any further, but I do not feel pain in most poses, including Downward Facing Dog. This has only reinforced to me that I will not run without dong a yoga warm up for at least 20 minutes. I guess that’s the best thing about learning your mistakes. Sometimes they hurt so bad, you’ll try to avoid making them again.

I decided that I’m not going to miss race day. I’m still going to pick up my bib and my shirt. The only thing is that I won’t be running. Instead, I signed up to volunteer with NYRR as a Course Marshal in which I get to direct the runners to stay within their lanes and encourage them on the race. I’m really pumped because I love seeing the course marshals when I run and here’s my turn to be one! Also, this will satisfy my volunteer requirement for entry in the 2015 NYC Marathon as part of NYRR’s 9 Races + 1 Volunteer Event program. During the course of this injury, I was so disappointed that I’d be missing out on the energy of the NYRR community if I sat this race out but that’s what volunteering is for! In fact, I’ll get to know what goes on behind the race and meet some new people, so it’s all good. Ah, I know it may sound weird, but I really thrive off of experiences where I get to help out others and I have the biggest smile on my face about Sunday. (Edit: I decided not to do this. Not because I didn’t want to but it’s become apparent that I need to be a shut in until graduation and get my assignments in. Real life awaits in a few weeks. I’ll probably post about how I’m learning that I can’t do it all even though I feel like I can.)

Now that I’m faced with the possibility of missing out on two runs, here is my updated NYRR race schedule so I can keep my eye on completing 9+1.


1. Run for the Parks 4M 4/06: Done

2. Japan Run 4M 5/11: Depends how I’m feeling

3. Oakley Women’s Mini 10k 6/14

4. LGBT Pride Run 5M 6/28

5. Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 4M 7/12

6. New York Giants 5k Run of Champions 7/20 (and you get to run in MetLife Stadium!)

7. Percy Sutton Harlem 5k 8/23

8. TCS NYC Marathon Tune Up 18M 9/14 (this will be good since I’m training for Mohawk-Hudson in October)

9. Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon 10/05 (this is also going to be good since showtime for Mohawk-Hudson is the following weekend)

10. Poland Spring Marathon Kick-Off 5M 10/26

11. Race to Deliver 4M 11/23

12. Jingle Bell Jog 4M 12/06 (I hear this race is a blast)

13. NYRR Midnight Run 4M 12/31 (this isn’t a marathon qualifier but this year I went my studio’s New Year’s Eve hot yoga class and got to ring in the new year with my fellow yogis, I think it would be awesome to switch it up and spend it with a bunch of runners.)

The cool thing about this list is that I’m not going to stop at running 9 NYRR events. I really love being apart of this club and I want to get out with them as much as possible. And of course, there is volunteering at the 2014 NYC Marathon! I can’t even contain my excitement about how pumped I am for this. It is going to be soooo sick being part of that experience, especially since it will be right after I run Mohawk-Hudson. Plus, who doesn’t want to be in Staten Island at 2:30AM?

I’ve got a ton of reasons to rest this right foot. Yet, it looks like I have an academic race of my own and that’s to get all of my assignments done so I can graduate! Until next time, here’s a line from Wilco that I feel is appropriate about this situation: “take all the good with the bad, make something that no one else has.”



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