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Decorating Your Bathroom: Part One of Many. (Quirky Shower Curtains Under $20)

I feel that sometimes we forget about decorating our bathrooms. I don’t understand why though. Admit it- we spend a good amount of our time in there. You might as well make it a fun space!

I find that shower curtains can either make or break a room. Why is this? I’ve seen way too many bathrooms that have the typical white or clear shower curtain and it gets boring after a while. One of the things that make me smile is whenever I walk into a bathroom and seeing a cool and quirky shower curtain in there. It’s a real conversation starter! You also don’t have to break the bank to get a cool shower curtain. I found a few on teh interwebz. 

I found these movie themed shower curtains on They are $16 each! You can choose from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Yellow Submarine, or Singing in the Rain! These are a steal and I want to collect them all!

Another movie themed shower curtain from that is also $16. A must have for Hitchcock fans.

Here is a shower curtain from Target that has a Map of the World on it for $14.99. Unfortunately, Target is lame and won’t let me display the image here, so you’ll have to click this link to view it. One of the reviewers said that she learned all the countries that ended in “-stan” from this curtain. You could also play a game of Risk on this too.

Also from Tar-jay…a Dinosaur shower curtain for $19.99! rah, Rah, RAH, ROAR Dinosaur!

If you like Peanuts like me, you’ll love this shower curtain from Target that has a whole Snoopy comic strip on it for $19.99! 

This isn’t 20 bucks, it’s 38 but this is pretty sweet. It’s a DIY Shower Curtain kit from I figure this could be a fun project you could do with your roommate or your friends! 

Here is a Jolly Roger shower curtain from for $15.99! Shower Faucet Spewing Out Rum not included.