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brave new world.

“Wait, you want to go to Portland? That’s crazy. And why would you want to go to school in Montreal?”

“You do realize the world is never going to accept bicycles as a form of transportation. Americans love their cars.”

“There’s no such thing as sexism in politics.”

And after that, I get a note under my door, asking if we could go out sometime. 


Honestly y’all- I can’t be more serious than I am about this right now. I really don’t think it is possible for me to date in Albany. Maybe that will change one day? I don’t know. 

If there is anything I have learned in these last three weeks- I’m really enjoying being single right now. Of course, it gets lonely sometimes- I miss having someone to get coffee with, go biking with, and take random adventures with. However, as much as I miss that kind of company, I realize that I can’t do what I enjoy with just anyone either. 

As I told my boss- I’m pretty convinced I’ll meet the right guy one day when we park our bikes at the same bike rack and he asks me out for coffee. 

Until that day, I’m just enjoying being Alex. 

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The faces of smiling Jewish children living in a Nazi controlled ghetto:

The resilience of the human spirit.

Szydlowiec, Poland – December 20, 1940.

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A still frame captured from video of a suicide bomber in Sri Lanka blowing himself up.  The bomber was part of the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist organization which waged a war against the government for 26 years.

This picture, showing the split second after the bomb exploded, shows the innocent bystanders before they were injured.

14 people died and 35 more were wounded in this attack.

Matara, Sri Lanka – March 10, 2009.

Yes, this is an extremely disturbing photo. It is also a photo that shows the fragility of life and how we must take advantage of every single moment we have. You never know when someone may take it away from you.

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This is one of the things about rape culture that horrifies me the most. We have a shit ton of men (and women) in the world who have raped someone and they have no clue. No fucking idea that they’ve committed one of the most heinous acts you can imagine. Would probably be horrified if someone accused them of rape. I want to know why we live in a culture where someone can be “asking” for rape, even though by the word’s very definition, it cannot be asked for.

I wonder if you were to survey people about how they knew when a person had consented to sex, how many would say, “he/she didn’t say no” instead of “he/she said yes”. I think it would be pretty goddamn disturbing.

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shopping while feminist.

I’m pretty much as feminist as they come. When I was little, I was very distraught as I was reading my children’s World Almanac (back in the day I held that book higher than the Bible but shhh don’t tell my old Sunday School teachers ;D) and I found out that men get paid more than women. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Back then, I wanted to be a pediatrician and I was so upset about it that I took a legal pad, wrote down the salaries for men and women doctors, and added up the totals- year by year- to see if I had any hope in catching up to my male counterparts. 

When I saw the dismal results, I went up to my dad and I told him that this wasn’t fair. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but more than likely it was along the lines of “don’t worry Allie, it will all be alright.” I didn’t believe him. I went to bed as a very sad Alexandra because I thought the world was against my gender.

(author’s note: Little Miss Alexandra, 9 years young, should have taken this as a big sign that she was never meant to be a doctor and that she would be best suited for policy research and development. But hey, we all learn eventually. Seriously, what kind of kid looked forward to every January because that meant a new edition of the World Almanac was going to come out?)

Last night, I found myself in Crossgates Mall for as much as I exude feminist pride….uhhhh


I really like to shop! 

Whew! That was a lot to get off my chest. My radio station’s alumni weekend is coming up and since I’m so limited with my wardrobe because I’ve been living out of a suitcase for almost three months, I wanted some new clothes. It was funny though because when das boyfriend and my college roommate checked in on me to see what I was doing for the night, haha I kind of felt a little embarrassed to say that yes. I’m a girl. And I’m shopping. No, not in a bookstore although that’s a great guess. I’m trying on skirts, shirts, tights, shoes, and scarves. Because I want to look cute. Yep. That’s the whole mission for the night. To find stuff that makes me look cute. I truly am an American woman who is fitting into my stereotypical gender role. I honestly don’t know where the time went last night, I arrived at Crossgates around 5:30 and I left at 9:30, when the mall closed. When I was talking to my college roommate (who is the author of the wonderful FY Fluid Gender and Sex blog), she said that she just went shopping too and it made her feel better about her day! 

After hearing that, I felt better about myself and the last four hours I spent in the mall. 

Moral of the Story is: I think the reason why I enjoy shopping so much is because since I don’t live in a hunter gatherer society, shopping is the closest thing to stalking out your prey and nabbing it. It’s just human instinct to enjoy things like that. I can still be a confident, strong woman and still get giddy over getting something that is cute and on sale. 

(and if anyone is an anthropologist, let me know if my theory is right on or is incredibly flawed. I’m always up for learning!)