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One day, this will be my yard.


picture perfect!

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the dream apartment. part two of many. (windows)

The downside about renting an apartment or living in a college dorm is, more often than not, you can’t paint your room. Unless you decorate, you are stuck looking at the same white walls all day long. Personally, I can’t do that. I love color and whimsical decorations. As I mentioned before, I really couldn’t do a lot with my Albany apartment because I didn’t have the income to decorate, but next time around I really want to focus on that. My college dorm rooms always had decorations from wall to wall and I always thought that the RAs were going to call me out because in hindsight, it really was one big fire hazard. Then again, I think the kids who couldn’t properly cook popcorn were more of a danger to my residence hall than my tapestry could ever be. 

Although the economy isn’t doing anyone any favors, you can still shop around and draw some inspiration in order to find decorations that you’ll be happy with! 

This curtain is from Urban Outfitters and costs $32-38 (depending on your window size). If you want a pair, you’ll have to throw down $64-76. I absolutely adore these curtains but I also have to be realistic- I probably won’t be able to afford them just yet until I land myself a jay-oh-bee that will let me indulge a little bit. Sooooo…let’s continue on this journey.

These curtains are from Ikea and are $14.99 for the PAIR. The print is still whimsical and although they’re white…if I wanted them to be green, I could just buy some Rit Dye and upcycle them! 

(by the way, the Rit Dye website has an AWESOME color matching tool so you can achieve your perfect color). 

See! Although I love those curtains from Urban Outfitters, you just have to look around and even if it’s going to take a little elbow grease- you can still get what you want! If I got the pair of Urban Outfitters curtains, the bill would be an easy $64 bucks for the pair without tax. But! If I got the Ikea curtains, it’s $14.99 for the pair, $4 for the dye…and it comes to $18.99 without tax. You save $45.01!

You can now use that money on other things! 

Such as these adorable curtain tie backs from Urban Outfitters! They are 2 for $24 which is an AWESOME deal and looks so much better than anything you could have purchased from Ikea, Pottery Barn, or Crate and Barrel. 

So let’s see how we did here…the curtains from Urban Outfitters that I really wanted would have come to a total of $64-76 without tax. I already determined that the my curtain project would cost $18.99 without tax, which would save me $45.01. Now with these curtain tie backs, I still save $21.01! 

To top the whole window off, you can hang a mobile in the center of the curtain rod. Some say it’s a fire hazard, I say it’s charming. You can purchase this darling mobile from Etsy or make your own. I will probably be making my own- it’s just more fun that way =D

This is how we can still have nice things ;D

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the dream apartment. part one of many.

As I mentioned earlier today, nothing makes me happier than looking at interior design web sites when I’m bored and frustrated by the job hunt because it gives me something to look forward to. 

Besides, it’s a lot less stressful than me thinking about pursuing a Ph.D in political science (but be rest assured- I WANT a few years of professional experience after I get my MPA under my belt before I ever pursue a doctorate, especially in political science but that’s another story).

Here are some design ideas that I think are quite nifty.

Is it a headboard? Or is it framed wallpaper? By George, it’s a framed wallpaper headboard! I think this is an awesome idea because I love, love, love the look of headboards on a bed. Also- it looks expensive yet it looks easy and cheap to build! 

There’s something so romantic about a paper lantern. When I was at Hartwick, they allowed lanterns to be hung up in the dorm rooms and it gave such a romantic feeling to the room. This time around, I’m definitely investing in paper lanterns. They’re so cheap too! You can easily find them for under $10.

I love birds. In my old studio, I used to have bird wall decals. There’s something about this piece though that really inspires me. I believe that it really is worth the 40 bucks. 

That’s it for now. 

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Rugs Painted On Floors: WTF?

I love Especially right now because it provides the inspiration for the dream apartment that I will, one day, possess again. 

Yet I can’t stop scratching my head on this one. They featured photos from people who paint rugs on their floors today. 

I will admit the faux rug looks cool in the picture, but I don’t think I’d ever want that in my apartment. To me, a rug screams “comfort.” It’s something soft to lay on. It’s cozy to put your bare feet on. This floor treatment is such a tease! I’ve never even stepped foot in this apartment and I still feel cheated. 

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The title of this post will be: 2011- The Year in which Alex Builds a Stable Table (and other things too)!

One day I will have a job! I don’t know when that’s going to be but hopefully it will be before March 1st. Having a job will mean having an apartment! Yet, one thing I want to change this time around is that I really want to focus on decorating and furnishing my apartment.

You see, I never really had the chance to make money when I lived in Albany. Since most of my money went to the finer things in life: paying $650 for rent, $100 for cable and internet…I didn’t have the money for furniture. If people wanted a place to sit in my studio they had four options:

1. bed (for 7 months, it was an inflatable bed…for the last 3 weeks it was a real bed)

2. rocking chair

3. computer chair

4. floor

If you wanted to eat in my apartment, I would direct you to the white, wicker coffee table in which we would sit on the aforementioned computer chair and rocking chair.

To tell you the truth- as barebones as it was- I still had the time of my life in that studio.

Now that I’m on unemployment, I still don’t have money. But! I really want to use my ample time to do something constructive.

Even if it means doing some construction.

Did you see that table on the top of the post? I’m going to make it. I’ll say it right now, I haven’t built many things in my life unless you count office chairs or the birdhouses I made when I was in Girl Scouts.

There’s a reason why I want to make a table. I want to acquire a new skill. This thing is not going to be easy. For example, my stepdad has already told me that you can’t just nail something together and expect it to be durable. I’d like to see if I have what it takes.

I’d like to use recycled wood as per the directions but the truth is, I can’t even think of where to find it. If I knew where to get it, I’d go for it but I don’t know where one can find recycled pallets in Sullivan County. I’ll probably end up going to Home Depot and get some wood.

I might as well take advantage of living at home. It’s the only place that has tools.

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Future DIY project?


by lifeamundo

This. Is. Happening. I’m SO having this in my apartment one day!