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150 mile diet…in other words, I need a bike helmet.

This weekend, I’m moving into my apartment (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and you know what this means…

The Tyrannosaurus Rav4 is going to be parked for a little bit. I’ve made a solid decision- once I move back to Center Square, I’m going to limit my driving…severely. I’m going to put my car on a 150 mile a month diet. I don’t know anyone who is jumping head over heels with these gas prices, but personally they’re killing my bank account. I know it won’t be such an issue once I move to Center Square, I can walk and bike to pretty much anything I want, including work. If I can’t walk or bike to it, I’m going to take CDTA, Albany’s public bus system. Of course, there’s going to be times where driving is the most sensible option, and that’s where the diet comes in. However, I’ve already mapped it out in my head and I’ve determined that I can bike to Boy-I-Fancy’s house in the suburbs. 

It’s not just the gas prices that’s the issue for me. Think about it. Does it really make sense to drive your car for two miles to go to the grocery store? It doesn’t. Yet I can understand how it can get a little inconvenient, Albany is trying to be be a greener city, but I don’t see a lot of bike racks laying around. I think it would be great if the city installed more of them, it could encourage people to consider biking. While we’re on that note, All Over Albany has this wonderful Soapbox feature on their blog, where readers can guest post about Albany. A couple of weeks ago, a reader talked about the ideal Lark Street, which is the heart of Center Square. A grocery store on Lark would be a treasure…especially a Trader Joe’s. I could go on and on about how Albany needs to invest in its neighborhoods but unfortunately, Starbucks is only open until 11:30 tonight. 

Before this all goes down, I need to get a bike helmet. I’m only used to riding on rural roads in the Catskills where I didn’t need to worry about traffic, head injuries and/or death. Rest assured, I won’t bike long distances in traffic without a helmet. I plan to get one this week =D

*now that I think of it, no wonder why that boyfriend o’mine wants to be an urban planner. This stuff is really exciting to think about!