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want. covet. will purchase.

Once the GREs are over and my grad school apps are in, I’m going to start working my little tail off for one thing and one thing only:

I must have posted this bike 10 thousand times by now but I want all $549 of it plus lights, racks, tool set, lube, and a Kryptonite lock set soooooo badly. This will be mine by April. I’m thinking that the complete purchase will end up costing me around $800. I fell in love with a Raleigh Cadent when I was in DC, but I’m really good friends with the folks at the Downtube (it’s an Albany bike shop that specializes in Trek) and they deserve my business. One of these days, I do want to find a Raleigh Grand Prix (I love old Raleighs and Simply Bike has me coveting hers) and spruce her up. It’s always been my dream to build a bike but my challenge is finding one that is my height since I’m on the short side. I really want a road bike, but for right now, a nice hybrid that I can use to commute and soar on trails fits the bill.

A lot of people think it’s crazy about how much I’m willing to spend on a bicycle but the way I look at it- you don’t run with cheap running shoes- they’re going to wear out before you know it. It’s the same deal with a bike. Cycling, other than swimming and rollerblading, is looking like the only routine exercise I can do after I messed up my ankle in Virginia…which really sucks because I really want to do Tough Mudder in May and I’m wondering if my ankle will be able to endure the race. But hey! If not, I was planning to do the Erie Canal Trail that extends from Albany to Buffalo anyway next summer and HOPEFULLY get up to Mount Marcy, so I guess those trips will make up for it. 

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Beat that Irene.

We could have walked.

But we biked.