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livin’ like a hobo…until tomorrow!

I find it so funny that on the day of the glamorous Royal Wedding, where the media was fixated on who designed Kate Middleton’s dress, what kind of hat the Queen was wearing, and predicting how long Prince William and Kate’s kiss will be….

I was in my boyfriend’s bathroom, putting on his Old Spice deodorant, wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday to work (thank god I had a day off yesterday- my colleagues had no idea until I finally told them!), and styling my greasy hair because I thought 45 minutes of extra sleep was better than taking a shower.

The way I looked at it, I couldn’t have shown up the bride on her big day. That’s just rude. Besides, I always wished that I grew up in the early 90’s so I could be part of the grunge rock scene. Looks like I got my wish. 

During the campaign, I found out the merits of traveling around with an extra pair of clothes in your car- you never know when you’re going to need them. I failed to do that yesterday. 

But it doesn’t matter anymore. Why?

I’m moving into my apartment. I don’t have to freeload at Starbucks anymore for internet. I will no longer be known as the female, post-grad, Sean McKee (you know I love you Sean =D). I’m breaking free like Freddie Mercury and moving on up like George and Weezy Jefferson. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I try to come up with the words, trying to describe about how excited I am to live my life the way I used to with a place I can call my own, living with people who I absolutely adore, in a neighborhood where, just like Cheers, everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came…but I can’t find them. I end up smiling.

I’m going to sleep on my own bed guys. I haven’t done that since August. It’s going to be a good day tomorrow. 

Yesterday rocked too. I volunteered for a political campaign and it felt so good to phone bank again and call voters. It’s a really close race and if they go about it the right way, I think the candidate we’re pushing for could actually win it. It’s really exciting and I know that I’m going to do whatever I can to get the word out to go out and vote. I don’t really know how to describe the rush I get from doing work like this but I think my former colleague said it best when we met up in March:

“We had the best job ever. We got to get up every morning to talk with people and make connections. What is better than that?”

This will all lead to a room full of balloons. You’ll see.