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sunshine in the sunshine state

Well, it looks like I’m still making good on the whole “I haven’t lived in the same zip code for more than 6 months since May 2009” thing I have going on. I’m off to Florida for a little while and I am absolutely clueless as to what to wear. 

You see, any normal person would probably be very excited to spend every day in warm weather- and don’t get me wrong, I am- but it is certainly something I am not used to. Although I am Sicilian, my skin is so light to the point that my face doesn’t get red. I actually have friends taking bets to see whether or not I’ll come back tan! And yes, friends, I will be taking before and after pictures because I’m also very curious about how my skin is going to react to all of that sun. 

I found that I have such a Northeast wardrobe that it’s pathetic. I am that girl who lives in scarves, tights, cardigans, and moccasins. Every time I look at the weather, I’m absolutely flabbergasted- 80 degrees in February? Is that even possible? What will July be like? Iiiii’m going to be an Alex-sicle.

But with this change will be a change in this blog- I will not be sharing like I used to. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I intend to use this space for- or if I will use it at all- after some thinking, I decided that I will be. Some of you know exactly why I am going to Florida. Some of you don’t- and probably will not know the reason why I’m down there. I promise it’s not because I robbed a bank ;D 

So…what are you going to see here? I’m anticipating that I will post a lot of pictures. Probably random things like some awesome buildings or a scenes from morning bike rides. I’ll post pictures of myself so my family and friends can see that I’m doing alright. By no means will this be a fashion blog or anything like that- trust me, I will barely have time to sleep, much less dress myself during this period of my life, but I’m going to try my best. I’m still going to talk about my diet- it’s not going to be pretty since I will be on the go a lot. Even though I won’t be eating like I have these last couple of months, I’m going to try my best to eat meat sparingly and cook from scratch when I can. Eating well really has become a priority to me over these last few months. A lot of my friends have been asking me what is going to go on with this crazy, curly mop that I call my hair- I’m going to be very experimental with it. I’m going to keep it long because the humidity will not be kind if I cut it short. I’ll probably embrace the ponytails, buns, and braids. And of course, the drive down is certainly going to be an adventure. 

“and I think my spaceship knows which way to go.”- David Bowie