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Alex and the GRE Math Section.

Let’s put this straight, I am horrible at math. I was great in it all throughout elementary school, in fact, my teachers would have me tutor other students. Then I don’t know what happened, 7th grade came and I found myself struggling with the subject from that point on. 

I find that the new GRE math section is easier than the old GRE math section because I feel that it is more intuitive and you can relate the problems to real life. However, if you struggle with math like I do, I can’t stress this enough:

Be honest with yourself. By being honest with yourself I mean this:

Everyday before I prep for the test, I ask myself how badly I want to go to graduate school. The answer always is “I’d give anything to be back in school again.”

If I really would give anything to be back in school again, I’m going to devote at least a hour or two a day to study until my test day (September 24th).

Second- expanding from that, while you’re being honest with yourself, be honest with your skills: I am horrible at math and I find myself struggling with ETS’ Math Review because they don’t explain why you got answers wrong. Instead of getting frustrated and giving up because the book sucks, I went to my library and picked up some remedial algebra books because the only way I’m going to succeed is if I’m comfortable with the problems. The only way to be comfortable is to practice.

Third- try to figure out what’s leading to your downfall. After looking at my mistakes I see that I’m rushing through the problems and in turn, my impatience is resulting in me getting answers wrong. For me personally, I have to remember to take my time. 

So what am I going to do on a Friday night?

I’m going to study. 


Because if I get an awesome score, I might get to spend my Friday nights living it up in an awesome city for the next two years.