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What I Will Acquire Before May 2012

I will be purchasing this from Downtube on Lark. You have to support your local bike shop, especially when they’ve been so good to you. 

I’ve already had my consultation with Becky, who is part of the awesome staff there. We thought that this would be the best bike to suit my needs- I really would like a performance hybrid. I bought a Schwinn mountain bike back in 2005 because when I lived in Sullivan County, I needed a bike that could perform well on my unpaved road but it is SUCH a pain in Albany on flat terrain. In the words of Ricky Bobby, I want to go fast, and this looks like the solution. I hope that in 2013 that I won’t be that much of a destitute grad student that I will be able to also save up for a performance road bike…

because in a couple of years, I plan to live in the heart of a city.

And I will part with the Tyrannosaurus Rav4. 

That’s going to be a CRAZY day for me when that happens. For my whole life, I’ve lived in a world where I’ve depended on a vehicle. In a few years, that won’t be the case. There’s many reasons for this- but I will write about it on a later date. With this new opportunity and the GREs- I’ve got to keep the priorities in line, work really hard, and above all- continue staying true to myself and be a good person in order to chase this bigger dream.

Life’s going to be fine in the future.