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…it feels like I never left.

But in the meantime, I’ve got it hard

Second floor living without a yard.

It may be years until the day

My dreams will match up with my pay.


The deep snow lyric also rings true now.

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Here I am. At the Daily Grind. The first day of work went famously. I’m really interested in what’s going to happen with it. I’ve been fortunate to have received so many professional opportunities to see the different sides of the political world and how they operate. As for being back in Albany, it feels like I never left.

It isn’t NYC. It isn’t DC. I mean after a month in DC, even though I was fucking scared as hell in the beginning, I acted enough like a local that the tourists came up to me to ask for directions…Albany just feels like your favorite comfy couch that you come to and collapse in. Yesterday, a few of my buddies and I went to my favorite bar in Albany, DeJohn’s. I love the atmosphere there because it’s a place where you can just chill out. From the outside, it looks pretentious, but as soon as you step inside the bar, you realize it’s not the case. The waitstaff still knows who you are, even after not being there for a while, and they’re more than happy to serve you and treat you like a normal human being. I personally think it’s Albany’s version of Cheers. You also cannot go with $2 drafts for Happy Hour. I took my first extended trip on CDTA today and I learned that just because a sign says “bus stop” doesn’t mean the bus will actually stop at that sign. Yet, finally the bus gods gave me a break and I made a few friends. Found out the girl sitting next to me shares the same birthday with me. I’m going to be meeting up with some friends tonight, however there are still a whole lot of people I have yet to see. I’m leaving for home straight after work tomorrow. I will be back next week though and hey, once the apartment comes into place, things will get easier and more stable!

On Monday, I wrote that I felt self-conscious about taking pictures for 30 for 30. But hey- it was my first day of work today and I was feeling pretty awesome because I was getting paid to do things again. Needless to say, I threw my self-conscious feelings out the window.

Long Sleeve White Tee from Kohl’s

Grey Dress by H&M

Black Sweater Tights by American Eagle

Slouchy Ankle Booties from JCPenney

Belt by Forever 21

Bobby Pin with Small Flowers by H&M

This is my favorite work outfit. I love this dress, I always get compliments on it. It was only $34 when I bought it last March. I’m still trying to figure out how to pose, I had to use self timer because I felt awkward asking my friend about taking an outfit picture. He’s already letting me stay at his pad for the week. He doesn’t need to do anything more for me =D

(Writer’s Note: At this point, I stopped writing because I met up with my pal Marc from the lovely music blog Cautious and Carefree.)

Friday, February 4th, 2011

What a lovely night! The gang was (almost) reunited but it still felt so good! As I mentioned before, I met up with my friend Marc and we visited his roommate, who I refer to as my other dad, who works at Caffe Vero on Lark Street. Go on and give it a try when you find yourself in the Albany area! I will bet you my bottom dollar that my other dad will give you the best service ever! Just look for the ever-changing facial hair and that’s him!

I do my best to patronize both Caffe Vero and The Daily Grind. They’re both great local coffee shops but even though my other dad is employed there, I do find myself going to the Daily Grind more. Caffe Vero is new and opened while I was in Potsdam. The Daily Grind has been in Albany for years. My relationships with the baristas there are similar to the relationship one has with his or her favorite bartender. In November, I visited the Daily Grind with my former boyfriend and Ed, one of my favorite baristas, said “you’re back!” after four months of not being a regular. Today, he asked me if I found a new job yet and I was delighted to say yes and I haven’t seen him for two months. Also- the Sunday crowd is outstanding. I end up bumping into Jim, a local musician, there and he always introduces me to all of his friends who are truly fascinating people. I haven’t had a chance to experience the community at Caffe Vero yet but I hope that will change once I move back to Albany. Besides, I can’t let my dad down =D

It was casual Friday at the office today. I wore jeans for the first time in a month and four days.

Here’s the outfit breakdown:

A white drapey cardigan from PacSun (wore it on Tuesday)

A floral tank top from Kohl’s (also wore that on Tuesday)

A scarf from Maxwell’s, a local variety shop in Oneonta. Seriously they have everything from really cute scarves to CDs to tapestries to an extensive bowl collection to porn.

Jeans from American Eagle

Socks from Walmart*

Moccasins by Minnetonka

A daisy hair clip from Claire’s

Belt from Gap

CDTA almost missed me today. I was standing at the bus stop and I saw the bus start to pass me. The driver ended up stopping at the next block and told me that if I didn’t have my CDTA card in my hand, he would have passed me.

Now- if the driver wasn’t such a nice guy, I would have been really pissed because I would have been late for work. I still can’t understand why a bus driver wouldn’t stop when he sees someone at a bus stop but who knows. All I know is that I’m lucky I even had the CDTA card in my hand because my friend D gave it to me two months ago and I found it in at the bottom of my purse a hour before I was standing at the stop. The ride home was a lot smoother- actually it was really touching. I noticed a really old man get on the bus who looked a lot like my Grandfather who passed away almost five years ago. Not only that, he acted a lot like him too. My grandfather was the kind of guy who was friends with everyone. When I saw the old man greet the CDTA driver by shaking his hand, saying that he hasn’t seen him drive in a while and laughed with him over a joke- I had to keep myself from shedding a few tears. My grandpa would have done the same thing. I saw him do that all the time to others. He didn’t care if you were a janitor or a big shot, he treated everyone like they were his best friend. The old man was even wearing a Members Only jacket, just like my Grandpa did. It was just a stark reminder that yeah, people really do care about other people in this world, even if you think your part is small. We all have an effect on each other. I hope we all can make it a positive one.

I’m back in Sullivan County for the weekend. But I’ll be back “home” on Monday =D

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What I Wore On The Day That The 112th Congress Was Sworn In:

-t-shirt from the campaign

-sweatpants from Oneonta.

As you can see, I was feeling mighty fancy today! …and mayyyybe a little sick of studying for the LSAT ;D

It was another great day in rural America everybody! Today was one of those days where I was happy to be unemployed because if I was working, I wouldn’t have been able to see Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State Address and the 112th Congress being sworn in today. First off- I thought that the State of the State Address was WONDERFUL. I applaud Governor Cuomo for giving the public a chance to attend because to tell you the truth- I feel that the reason people feel apathetic about politics is because they rarely get a chance to participate in the process. Mark my words- I believe Cuomo is going to be a Governor for the People. Last September, I was fortunate to meet his Lieutenant Governor, Bob Duffy, while I was campaigning. I was awestruck by his down to earth personality and how passionate he is about revitalizing the economy of Upstate New York. I honestly feel that New York finally has the leadership it deserves and is going to rise once more. I enjoyed Cuomo’s humor as well- it was the first time I can remember laughing during a State of the State address!

Also- the 112th Congress was sworn in today! I had to pull out the campaign t-shirt- we all worked so hard to see this day happen.

Tomorrow is my first day of volunteering at the office. I’m so excited to “work” again, you all have no idea! It’s another reason why I decided to be lazy with my style today because tomorrow I get to pull out the suit!

I will leave you all with this: It was my 2nd day on the campaign trail and my dad was giving me a pep talk. He told me how proud he was because he would give anything to be in my shoes. When I told him that I’d be working seven days a week, unlike everyone else, he didn’t sound shocked. Instead he said:

“When you do what you love, hours mean nothing.”

Tomorrow will be the first day since November 2nd where the hours will mean nothing.

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I’m wearing…

A light blue oxford by New York and Company

A black pea coat by H&M

Grey dress trousers by New York and Company

Flats from Journey’s.

Today was eventful- I went to Peck’s, the supermarket that is 10 minutes away from my house. SCORE! As ashamed as I am to admit it, I don’t get out much these days since my contract ended. Which is weird because in the past, I was always someone who had a laundry list of places to go and people to see. Now that I don’t have a job, I don’t have places to go, especially in this rural county. Now that my friends have moved away, I don’t have many people to see. During the last two months, I was really hard on myself because around this time last year, I was getting ready to move to Albany and I was a college grad for only barely even three weeks. I felt as if I took the biggest step backward as soon as I landed back in Sullivan County.

Now- I don’t want my life to be like that anymore. I’ve set the dates. I want to be out of here by February 1st. If not February 1st, the latest I will accept is March 1st. I want my life back. I see that I’m at a brick wall right now and I’m determined more than ever to make my dreams come true.

I’ve already executed a plan and it starts tomorrow.

The theme of the plan is: Let’s make Sullivan County something more. This isn’t such a horrible place as I make it out to be. This was an awesome place to grow up! I look forward to coming home in the summertime because it’s so beautiful here. Whenever I go into my dad’s restaurant, there’s always some customer who tells me that they remember me when I was little. Yeah- my friends are gone. Well, guess what. Last year, when I moved to Albany, they felt the same exact way too because I moved somewhere new and they were here. Now, I get to feel what they felt. It wasn’t an easy time for them, but they made it through, found other opportunities, and moved away. It just takes time.

Tomorrow- I’m going to see if I can set up a fundraiser for the ASPCA for the weekend of the 14th. I’m pretty pumped about that. I’m also going to call a few places that I know of and ask if I can be a volunteer for a couple days a week. When I formulated the plan, I realized that I should have done this a long time ago. Better late than never!

I’m out to make 2011 one of the best years of my life.

Let’s do it!

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I’m wearing…

A dress by Charlotte Russe

A belt by H&M

Tights by Hue

and of course, a flower in my hair.

This is also worth mentioning- a good pair of tights is a wonderful investment, but you have to shop around to find out which brand has the best quality. I’ve had these tights from Macy’s for a YEAR now and they still are in perfect condition. They cost $12.50. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the multiple pairs of tights I bought from American Eagle for the same price. I bought these white, cable knit tights from there. I am 5’3 and 130 pounds, so I bought my usual medium. I was so excited to wear them because I bought them right after the campaign was over. Then I found out that they were too short and kept sagging. It was the first time in my life I could ever say that I bought something and it turned out to be too short! I also bought these houndstooth tights and after wearing them MAYBE 10 times, they’ve already started to get a hole at the toe seam. As for the pointelle tights, don’t waste your money. They’re good for a few wears and then after that- the holes will start to form. If you’re going to buy these- you might as well hand wash them. I was disappointed because I love American Eagle because they have the best jeans for my body. I guess that doesn’t carry on for their tight collection.