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One of the greatest gifts I ever received from my father and my grandfather was the music of Frank Sinatra. There’s no doubt about it, Ol’ Blue Eyes is the soundtrack to my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was notorious for walking around campus with my headphones on and many a time, I was walking to songs like “My Funny Valentine,” “I’ve Got the World on a String,” or “Fly Me to the Moon.”

A week before the campaign, I had to go to Albany Med because I had wicked intense stomach pains and I thought I had appendicitis (my cousin had it- she said I had all the same symptoms she had- didn’t want to chance it). Thankfully, it turned out not to be the case, which was sweet because I didn’t feel like getting surgery. Yet while I was waiting for the good ol’ doc, I turned on MSG and Ol’ Blue Eyes was in concert. I was snapping my fingers, softly singing along, and the doctors said they never saw someone so happy in the ER. I made a mental note- if I ever find myself in a hospital again, I will strictly listen to the Chairman of the Board. It’s bound to boost the morale.