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ain’t that good y’all? (guilty pleasure Thursday)

Those bright blue eyes. That really forced smile. And that comforting southern accent.

Paula Deen is my guilty pleasure. Truth be told, I’d have the woman make me my last meal because I know that she’d prepare something that would not only be delicious but it would be loaded with so much lard, butter, grease, and fat that I would have a slow and ever-so-savory death. 

Seriously- check this out. The woman is capable of making a bacon and fried egg hamburger with two doughnuts taking the place of a hamburger bun! And people said such harsh words against KFC’s Double Down…

Her friend says that it tastes like a slice of heaven. She fails to mention that it’s also a one way ticket to heaven. 

If that isn’t enough for you, just watch her make breakfast. What kind of woman actually has a deep fryer built into her kitchen counter? On the menu, she and her family ate waffles with butter in every square, deep fried bacon, deep fried pork tenderloin, and scrambled eggs that were fried in bacon grease. Not to outdo herself, Paula makes sure to also serve sliced tomatoes and seedless watermelon. At first glance, the fact that she is serving fresh fruits and vegetables looks random but maybe she knows something that we don’t. Maybe the tomatoes and the watermelon cleanse your arteries. It’s the only explanation I can think of about why she hasn’t suffered a heart attack yet.