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It’s Not About That

This evening, Boy-I-Fancy and I helped my friend Brian babysit his landlord’s dogs. Ah, they were so adorable and very energetic, especially the 14 month old Husky who let me know that she really likes chewing on my hair haha. Call us lame, but we didn’t go to the bars at all for Cinco de Mayo. Instead we brought the party to the apartment and celebrated with some Coronas, Bombers Burritos y Taquitos, and watched many episodes of Lost. 

During one episode of Lost, I said “you know, that water has to have some bacteria in it. Why don’t they show one of the survivors developing dysentery?”

Brian said “Alex, the show isn’t about that. It’s about how they are trying to get off the island!”

Later on the drive home, I realized he had a point. Life isn’t about worrying about your problems. It’s about looking at the bigger picture and working to realize your dreams. 

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One day, this will be my yard.


picture perfect!

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a ba-ba-ba-baby brrrrr!



New Born Polar Bear (by emptysound)

Is that real? Cutest thing ever!

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The La Cañada Flintridge “Station fire” as viewed from Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles. Most of the brush has not burned in 60 years. (by Karl Drilling)

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