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there goes the baker with his tray like always.

I’m ridiculously excited for Monday. I found out that my friend’s family in Milford wants me to stay with them for the night and I’m oh so happy about that because even though I won’t be seeing my Megan (she’s doing some fancy-dancy book larnin’ at law school), I love her family! Seriously, my dream house is their house. I don’t know how to describe it other than the fact that it’s full of antiques, it’s always warm, and as weird as it sounds, I love the smell of the house because it always has a woodsy scent in the air. There are way too many good memories in that house, especially one night during our senior year in high school, Megan and I were on the computer and for some reason or another, we started talking about *NSync. We found out that we both loved JC Chasez back when *NSync was in their heyday and wondered whatever happened to him. We thought he had the best voice and was the sexiest one out of the whole group. I don’t think Google was popular back then so we either Yahoo’d or MSN searched him and found out that he actually came out with a solo album back in 2004 called Schizophrenic.

Apparently he had some pretty choice songs on it that had lyrics like…

Keep in mind I’m a love machine

Get it 24-7, call me anytime you need

Some extra attention, did I forget to mention

School’s back in session, get ready for a lesson!

I just want to feel alive and do what it takes to satisfy you

Hour after hour baby, all night long with you

All day long I dream about sex

And all night long I dream about sex

And all the time I think about sex with you.


Woke up next to you
You were lying fast asleep
Didn’t think to wake you
You were all up in my dreams
She had, no makeup, no toothpaste
I don’t wanna wait
‘Cause she’s such a sexy dame
I just can’t control my thang

and finally, the classiest song out of the bunch…

‘Cause when I’m all alone

I lie awake and masturbate

I love to hear the sounds you make

Baby, here I come.

That is a far, far cry from the God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You Days.

Needless to say, we had to get it. We made a run to the Oneonta Wal-Mart and to our surprise, we found that Schizophrenic was in stock AND all of the lyrics were intact! So much for the family values, Wal*Mart. Ever since then, it has become our car CD and unfortunately/fortunately (whichever way you want to look at it), Megan and I have actually used up some of our brain cells by memorizing all of the lyrics. If anything, we performed an act of charity because Justin is getting all of the love these days and JC was just left behind in the dust when he went solo. Probably because he sang about jerking off.

30 for 30 time…and another shot of, what I like to call, the TOOL wall in my brother’s room!

Black Drape Cardigan- Kohl’s

Grey Striped Tank Top- Kohl’s

Leggings- Kohl’s

I’m really excited to get a haircut on Tuesday. My bangs are doing the Belle thing, where one will just hang out, no matter what you do to it. It’s all good though, Belle was always tied with Ariel in the number one spot when it came to Disney Princesses. Let’s just say this, if I could, I would live in the Library of Congress. You know the part of the movie where Beast shows Belle his library and says that she can use it to her heart’s delight? That’s how I felt when I received my Library of Congress card.