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Conversations with My 5 Year Old Brother

(I was showing Ethan my pictures from Disney World. We came across a picture of my friend and I on the Teacup ride at night)
Ethan: It’s dark, when do you go to sleep?
Alex: There aren’t any pictures of me sleeping.
Ethan: When I go to sleep you go bye-bye for a long time and you need to stay here, all day, so when I go to sleep, I get to see you. Don’t go bye-bye for a long time anymore.

If there was any moment I wanted to break down and cry, that was it. The truth is, in a month, I will be going bye-bye for a long time when I leave for grad school. Until then, yes, I will walk you over to the bus tomorrow. Allie loves you more than you’ll ever know. One day, you’ll understand.