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if you have the extra $40 laying around, buy a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins. Your feet will love you forever.

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the bomb shelter.

My future roommate and I finally scored an appointment to view an apartment. I had high hopes on this one- it was reasonably priced, heat and hot water were included, it was in an awesome location, and the landlord was really nice.

Until we walked in and realized that it looked like a bomb shelter. There were exposed pipes and wires everywhere, including a huge water pipe that took up a whole corner in a bedroom. I wanted to like it but just like you can’t turn a ho into a housewife, you can’t make something feel like home when you can’t envision yourself doing really awesome things in there. After viewing the apartment, my future roomie gave me a lift downtown and she said:

“One day, we’re going to find a place and the first thing we’re going to do is watch Annie Hall. And then Manhattan but Annie Hall is so much better than Manhattan.”

We’re going to find that place. If George and Weezy can move on up, well so will we!


I ate lunch at Lil’ Buddha Tea but I guess that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I had this AWESOME VEGAN burger. Usually, “awesome”, “vegan”, and “burger” don’t fit well in my vocabulary but this time- oh they do. It was a grilled jalapeño and corn patty (they had me at jalapeño), karma sauce (I believe it is melted vegan cheese), lettuce, tomato, pickles and served on a toasted bun. I could have ate 10 of them, they were that delicious.

After that, I went on a walking tour of Albany so that future roomie and I could have more options available to us other than the bomb shelter. I can actually say that I’ve been up and down every street of Center Square within a hour and a half. Honestly, I thought I looked like a total sketchball. I mean- it’s totally normal to go up and down the streets and write down the phone numbers of random landlords. I didn’t mind it though- not even the cold. It reminded me of canvassing aka going door to door to voters’ homes and asking them to consider voting for your candidate. Some people hate canvassing, I lived for the chance to go out and canvass. Although I found out that my legs got used to being attached to a body that was unemployed for three months- they hurt so much after trekking across Center Square.

I must have worn something sensible, right? You can be the judge of that. I love wearing dresses and tights. I honestly think my sweater tights are warmer than any pair of jeans I own. Here’s my 30 for 30 outfit today. I took it right after I came home from the Center Square trek. In my humble opinion, it’s what a warrior would wear. I wore this exact outfit on Election Day. I like to think it brings me some good luck.

Nah- I couldn’t wimp out on you guys like that! Although it was comfy.

  • Dress- Forever 21
  • Grey Cardigan- New York and Company
  • Sweater Tights- American Eagle
  • Scarf- The Pear Tree, a boutique in Canton, NY (speaking of Canton, I could definitely go down for some food at the Blackbird Cafe and a Lime Rickey at the Hoot Owl. Seriously- you owe it to yourself to check out Canton. It won over my heart.)
  • Mocs- Minnetonka
  • Flower- Claire’s

Tomorrow 30 for 30ers, I’m just warning you: I’m going to repeat an outfit for a little bit. I have an interview for another part time job and it’s going to require a suit. But once I get home, I’m going to be more than happy to remix an outfit to lounge around in.

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That was the amount of my paycheck today. Usually I don’t gloat about these things. Yet after receiving $161.80 from New York State Unemployment every single week since November 15th, I was ecstatic to hold a check in my hands that was rewarding me for a hard day’s work. Although I would have been elated to receive $161.80 every week when I was in high school or college, I found out you can’t do much with $161.80 in the real world, even when you’re living with your parents. First thing I’m doing is that I’m paying for my car insurance, knock off some credit card payments, and get a haircut. I need to save up the rest because I get paid two weeks from now.

(notice that the little brother’s room is still as classy as ever and the Maxim shrine is growing like wildfire. Look at the top of the windows. And the Solo Cup from Monday’s picture is still there. Kid’s turning 18 on Sunday.)

Honestly, that’s the beauty of 30 for 30. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but you’re not allowed to shop during the challenge. Yesterday, I wrote how much I wanted to re-create Matt Berninger’s look  and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to until 30 for 30 was over because I needed a tie. I decided to attempt to tie my scarf in a way that made it look like a tie. This is honestly one of my favorite outfits I’ve created so far for 30 for 30. The only thing I would change about it is that I wish I was able to wear it with leggings but leggings aren’t exactly appropriate when you’re working at a law firm. This is also a very awkward pose. Then again, I’m a very awkward person to begin with so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that as I was trying to figure out a cool pose, I tripped over myself, noticed that the self timer was going off and it was either now or never. The result is this picture.

  • Vest- New York and Company
  • White Button Up- New York and Company
  • Jeans- American Eagle
  • Moccasins- Minnetonka
  • Belt- Gap
  • Scarf- Maxwell’s, the variety shop every kid from Oneonta visits at least once during their college career.

This weekend, I don’t feel bad that I’m not in Albany and missing the nightlife. Why? I’m still sick right now. If I was living in Albany, I’d be doing what I’m doing right now at home. Staying in. It feels awesome.

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“Really? That’s how the game is played?”- Super Bowl, 30 for 30, and getting ready for que sera, Saratoga!

It wasn’t until last December that I finally worked up the guts and told my friend that I didn’t know how to play football. He was surprised and at first, he didn’t believe me. I told him that I understood that the goal of the game is to get a touchdown but it’s the down thing that always gets me confused. He explained and I walked away with a whole wealth of football knowledge. Finally, I was a good American and could go to Super Bowl parties with a purpose other than stuffing my face with yummy, fried food.

You see, we watched a different football in the Aiello household.

^ we watched that kind of football.

My father came to the United States from Sicily when he was a young teenager and honestly, I don’t know anyone else who loves soccermore than him. My earliest memories are of him, sitting on the couch with a yellow legal pad, writing down soccer statistics. He always said “I don’t want to watch a sport if I couldn’t be drafted to play it.” He’s not built like a linebacker and hey- have you ever heard of an Italian basketball player? Yeah, I haven’t either. So we only watched soccer and baseball in the house.

(edit: I just came back from my dad’s house. He was wearing an Argentina National soccer jersey and was watching Fox Soccer Channel. I love that man.)

I don’t know if I’ll ever get as passionate about football as I am about baseball or soccer. I think the damage is done because I don’t have a clue who I can root for. When it comes to baseball, I love my Yankees so much that I proudly say that I bleed pinstripes. We even made sure that in both of my grandparents’ obituaries that the newspaper mentioned that they were both lifelong Yankee fans.

Maybe the Bills. I could root for them. Not for the fact that they’re the only true New York team but mainly because…

Tim Russert loved them. Yep, I’m still that same political science nerd, but I don’t think you all expect that to change anytime soon.

It’s Day 6 of 30 for 30 and I’m still hanging on!

‘Twas a lazy day in the Aiello-Kavarnos household. One of my big challenges with 30 for 30 is that I had to include a lot of my office clothes in the challenge. I’m learning how versatile they are. I decided that after wearing the jeans for two days straight, it was time to give them a break and dress down my trousers. I think I succeeded, it looks like they’re pajama pants.

Again, this picture was taken in my brother’s room. He and my cousin Marinella have a couple of friends up there, including another girl. It was hilarious, because like you all saw in my last post, Michael has wallpapered his room with Maxim girls. The girl said “if you’re going to take a picture, go there, it’s the only clear spot in the room!” Hilarious. I don’t know when the day will come when he realizes that his little spread he has going on is sooooo tacky. I should submit the room to Apartment Therapy.

I’m really excited to go back to work tomorrow and I’m so pumped to spend the week with my family in Saratoga. I get to see my two month old baby cousin for the first time!!! I am so psyched!

Lastly, I just wanted to shout out to everyone who has been helping me along while I get myself settled in Albany. You have all been so wonderful and I honestly don’t know what I did to get such awesome friends and family like you on my side but boy oh boy I hope that one day I will get to return the favor! I’m honestly looking forward to the drive tomorrow. One of my favorite things to do in this world is just sing along to the radio and I get to do that for 2 and a half hours straight tomorrow!