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About this morning: There are some things in life that will never leave you. Ever since my family survived the flood of 2006 which devastated Sullivan and Delaware Counties and caused my family to be evacuated via rowboat, my stomach sinks whenever I hear of communities ravaged by flood waters. It is amazing what water can do. Finally, after five long years, my community of Roscoe, NY is getting back on its feet.

This summer, I got to explore the Upper Catskill region and appreciated all of the little towns my friend and I visitied because they reminded me so much of back home…and now they’re destroyed. I was in Windham only two weeks ago to compete in Warrior Dash. Now, Windham looks like this:

The sad thing is, these little towns in the Catskills are so remote. They depend on tourism. They depend on people like me to visit because it reminds them of their home or a calmer, quieter lifestyle than what they’re used to. Now, what they will encounter is a dip in tourism. A dip in business. A dip in their real estate market…and just like Roscoe, it will take them years to recover. And just like Roscoe, we’ll forget about these towns until the next disaster occurs.

I just sent an e-mail to the United Way, saying that even though my time is extremely limited, I’m going to find at least two hours to go and help out because I know how much it means (as corny as it sounds) to receive a helping hand through trying times.

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About this morning: I need a shower…but that shouldn’t be a surprise, I wore a WONY shirt to bed and we’re all homeless there! ;D My hair is dreading out. Although, over the last couple of months, I’ve decided that I want to embrace my curly hair. Ever since my cousin introduced me to the hair straightener, I’ve been addicted to it and I thought that my naturally curly locks weren’t sexy. As I’m getting older and starting to appreciate my body for all it can do (cycling has taught me so much about myself), I’m also starting to appreciate my natural beauty. I am nowhere near the most beautiful woman in the world but I want to be the most beautiful woman I can be, inside and out. I’m still figuring out that process, but I figure if I share my light, it will ignite others’ too (thanks HOBY).

It’s also a month (eek!) until I take the GREs! Hello, studying 3 hours a night!

I don’t care about the lack of life I will have this month. A lot of important things are happening in only a few weeks and I’ve got to be focused on them…I can’t really say what the top priority is, but let’s just say this…Charlie Sheen and I are only focused on one thing and that is WINNING…and if that doesn’t solve the clue for you, here’s another one: I did the same exact thing last year, only this time- it’s on a different scale.

Getting into here would be a dream come true. I’d be so close to my best friends from DC and two of my best friends from back home are planning to move down there next year too…

…we all won’t be Laverne and Shirley, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll make our dreams come true.

(although I think hipsters have dreams of looking like Laverne and Shirley)

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About this morning: The hurricanopocalypse is finally here. And this is my Irene game face.  John Locke (both the philosopher and fictional character) have nothing on me. I actually did nothing to prepare for Irene, other than going out last night in full rain gear con mi amigos and creating a drink inspired by this downgraded tropical storm (blue curacao, ginger ale, Malibu, and pineapple juice- basically the alcoholic equivalent of a pixie stick). I didn’t get caught up in all the survival hype that was rampant in Center Square. My thoughts were with my friends and family who live in NYC, NJ, Long Island, and VA and have to worry about flash floods, which from prior experience of being evacuated out of my dad’s apartment and floating down Main Street Roscoe in a rowboat…isn’t fun. If the power goes out in Albany, unless you have a medical condition that requires electricity…we’re going to be fine. So Albanians, put on your rainboots and slickers and head to the Grind for a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese and some mighty fine coffee, because that’s where I’m going!

*edit: As of right now (10:29PM on 8/28), there are communities in the Capital Region that have been devastated by the flood waters. My heart goes out to them, especially the residents of Delaware County who are my neighbors from back home. It is unbelievable that Margaretville got hit again. I’ll never forget the flood of 2006 and what I learned is that material things mean nothing in this world. Your communities, your friends, and most importantly- your family will be the ones that will help you rebuild. Keep your chin up. It will get better.

morning calls on August 27th, 2011

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I woke up at 7AM with the biggest headache/earache. As much as I want to keep cuddling with my hot water bottle, it is not meant to be. I have work in a little bit so it’s time to get up and clutch the bottle of Advil for dear life. 

This is what I will look like all day. 

So if you see that girl awkwardly massaging her face and head on Lark Street…that will be me.

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I figured an interesting thing would be to take a picture of myself each morning before I brush my teeth, comb my hair, or change out of my pajamas. I haven’t done these types of photos since the first year that MySpace came out but I think it would be interesting to see how much I have changed, physically, in a year.

This series will be called morning calls.

About this morning: My friend A., over at Tropicalunch, posted a lot of Morphine music videos last night. Now, before you get all worried…Morphine is a jazz-alternative rock band from the 90’s. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until earlier this summer that I was introduced to them. Fortunately, I was. I didn’t want to edit the picture, but when I saw my smeared mascara (I never take my eye makeup off before I sleep, sorry skin!) and since I fell asleep with my tights on, I figured that it would be cool to add a black and white effect along with a little glow to get that 90’s alternative look. I kind of feel like Fiona Apple in this picture.