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sunshine on a cloudy day. it’s cold outside, but I was born in the month of May ;D

My Girl will forever be my feel good song. And I needed it because I was feeling awesome this morning…until I got a cold later in the day. Let’s start with the awesome though- I found a parking spot on Hudson at 9AM which NEVER EVER EVER happens! I feel like I’m breaking the rules or something. I’ve had incredible luck with finding parking now that I commute into work and the crazy thing is- when I lived on Jay Street in the heart of Center Square, I could never find a parking spot. By 9AM, most of the state workers have claimed all of the parking spots downtown. I don’t know what I did to appease the parking gods, but boy I hope that my luck stays strong.

However I had to trudge through the slush and snow as I walked to work. For some stupid reason I wore flats because…oh man I’m so embarrassed to say it. I have an awesome pair of winter boots and I didn’t wear them.


I was afraid of wrinkling the bottom of my suit. It was a fashion over function day and I’m paying the price. I’m pretty sure that’s what started this beast of a cold. Looking back, I’d rather look like an idiot with a severely wrinkled suit than the one who has a sore throat and is congested. Being in the office didn’t help either, I’m sure that working in a building with 20 floors also set me up for getting sick. I wish it happened during those 2 and a half months that I was unemployed where I was sitting on the couch and had zero responsibility except for volunteering at the office and DVRing things for my mom. Instead it happens when I’m working. Oh well. I’ve honestly faced worse than this. On the campaign, I worked with a 100 degree fever from 10AM to 6PM because I didn’t want to let my team down. As crazy as that sounds, I’ve talked with other campaign staffers and they’ve done the same thing. You just get so fixated on your goal that nothing else seems to matter. You want to bring it home because you only have one shot. Yet we can only take so much and looking back, I was so happy I got the night off and was able to rest. I still think that sick days are for wimps though ;D I’m just one of those people who believes that the spirit is stronger than the mind. Sure, my body feels like shit, but my mind is very content right now and ready to fight this cold off.

Tonight, my cousins were determined to nurse me back to health. We went to a wonderful pub and teahouse called The Local. My cousin in law ordered me a shot of whiskey to make me feel better. Then followed an IPA. And then a pot of Rooibos Tea. As the cousin in law described it, I was making my way throughout all of the liquid families. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it is a very homey place where everyone looks out for each other. Unfortunately, the cold didn’t allow me to flaunt my social skills. I have this weird thing when I’m sick, I become very sensitive to light and I find it hard to keep eye contact. As you can only imagine, I looked like a very interesting character but do you want to know something? There are bigger things in life than feeling down in the dumps because you have an awful cold. Actually, the worst part of this isn’t because I have a sore throat and I can’t breathe- I can’t hold my baby cousin because I would be devestated if I got such a tiny baby sick. I’m down for my baby cousin being as healthy as a horse.

Preferably Mr. Ed.

I realize this is out of focus but I still enjoy the way it came out.

I struggled to find a good place to put the camera. This resulted in my “I need to take this now otherwise I will be late for work” look. I’m wearing a New York and Company suit with an H&M striped tunic. I realized I was taking a little bit of a risk pairing a tunic with a suit but I actually like the way it turned out. If you want, comment on the look and give me your honest opinion if it works or not. I don’t exactly know if I will try it again in the future…but hey, this is 30 for 30 and the purpose of the whole thing is to use what we have to figure out what works and and what doesn’t. For dinner, I just took off the suit pants and wore jeans and my moccasins. I couldn’t take a picture of that because I felt like death.

…I have no doubt, one day the sun will come out.