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Earlier this summer, I found this awesome pair of suede, high heeled booties at Plato’s Closet for 7 bucks. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to buying shoes at a thrift store. To me, as long as they’re in good condition and you clean them- you’re good to go. I received a ton of compliments on them everywhere I went…

Unfortunately, they met their demise on the Metro. It was a sad day for my closet and on the list of first world problems to have, it ranks up near the top. I’ve been searching for their replacement for a while because every short girl needs a pair of awesome heels in her closet. I guess DSW felt the same way I do because I woke up to a nice $10 off coupon in my mailbox this morning with a code for free shipping. I ended up getting these (lace and a chunky high heel? hello!) and in order to qualify for the free shipping, I decided to adventurous and ordered a pair of pink tights. Grand total? 40 bucks. Merry Christmas, Alexandra. 

As for the outfit above? It’s the first thing I’m going to wear them with. I can’t wait. It used to be my favorite outfit to wear, but without the heels, it just wasn’t the same. 

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I appreciate her style.


Why dress up when you can dress down? Specifically, in a robe by Rochas. Photograph by Collier Schorr.

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I think I found my birthday dress for when I celebrate in NYC with my birthday twin, Jen. All I need are sheer white tights (or the flower patterned ones I already own), my grandma’s silver clutch, and maybe a pair of silver flats (?) and I’m in business!

(it’s also work appropriate too. but I’m wearing it for the birthday first. then it can be part of the work wardrobe. we’re not going to take the party away from this party dress just yet.)

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wish list (style)

1. Headwrap. This is $16 and from Urban Outfitters. I have a cheaper solution for this. Find a pretty fabric and make one yourself!

2. White Pointelle Tights. I can’t get over the loss of the ones I got at American Eagle. Word to the wise: Don’t shop there for tights. The quality is so poor. This pair is from Hue and all of my Hue tights have lasted for at least a year. Summer may be coming, but I will always believe that tights are the finishing touch to any dress or skirt. 

3. Back seam tights. I honestly believe that there is nothing sexier than a pair of these. Definitely hot for a night out! 

3. Oxfords

4. A bright, spring dress! 

5. T-Strap Heels. I’ve been dying for a pair of these.

6. This skirt. It’s $9 and from H&M. I also found out that it has pockets. I love this whole look, it’s so simple, yet she looks like a million bucks!

7. Adorable boyshorts. Believe it or not, I feel sexier in boyshorts than I do in thongs. It’s good to know that I’m not alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing sexy lingerie as much as the next girl but I think wearing boyshorts, a tank top, and an oversized button up shirt that isn’t mine is just as, if not more, sexy. 

Here’s the link to the ones I was talking about. I guess Aerie doesn’t support image linking after all =(

8. Hippie Tunics. You can take the girl out of Woodstock, but you can’t take the Woodstock out of the girl. 

American Eagle isn’t a fan of image linking, if you’d like to see the tunic, click here =D

9. A delicate, sheer scarf.

10. A swing! =D

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I’m wearing…

A dress by Charlotte Russe

A belt by H&M

Tights by Hue

and of course, a flower in my hair.

This is also worth mentioning- a good pair of tights is a wonderful investment, but you have to shop around to find out which brand has the best quality. I’ve had these tights from Macy’s for a YEAR now and they still are in perfect condition. They cost $12.50. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the multiple pairs of tights I bought from American Eagle for the same price. I bought these white, cable knit tights from there. I am 5’3 and 130 pounds, so I bought my usual medium. I was so excited to wear them because I bought them right after the campaign was over. Then I found out that they were too short and kept sagging. It was the first time in my life I could ever say that I bought something and it turned out to be too short! I also bought these houndstooth tights and after wearing them MAYBE 10 times, they’ve already started to get a hole at the toe seam. As for the pointelle tights, don’t waste your money. They’re good for a few wears and then after that- the holes will start to form. If you’re going to buy these- you might as well hand wash them. I was disappointed because I love American Eagle because they have the best jeans for my body. I guess that doesn’t carry on for their tight collection.