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Although its been a week and two days, I’m still moving into my apartment! One of the challenges that I’ve run into is that it’s hard to move from a studio to a three bedroom apartment for the fact that a studio is all one room with a separate bed area and living area and now I have a single bedroom to myself. It’s still very overwhelming but I hope that by Wednesday, I will have an awesome, organized room. 

Speaking of awesome, organized room, I had a huge case of buyer’s remorse, even though it was for something I needed. I really needed storage, but I wanted something that is functional, attractive, CHEAP, and goes along with my Hotel Yorba theme. 

(I always wanted to decorate a room with a red, black, and white color scheme and I was inspired to do this by The White Stripes. I named the theme “Hotel Yorba,” after my favorite White Stripes song.)

I ended up getting this from Target: 

And of course…

I only bought two of these bad boys for now. I’m going to wait and see if I will be needing more. After I put the whole thing in the cart, I looked at Brian and I said “you know, we should go to WalMart, Home Depot, and Loews just to double check to make sure that I got this for a good price.” 

Brian then smacked me with the sword of truth, just like any best friend since the first grade would. “Alex, we could do that. And you would end up wasting money because we could find this at a better price and you’d be wasting the rest on gas.” He was right. Have you all ever had buyer’s remorse after buying something you needed? 

(Side note: It’s funny. I grew up in the middle of NOWHERE. Seriously. As of 2000, my hometown had 296 people living in it. There was only one Wal Mart in the whole county vs. Albany that seems to have a Wal Mart every 5 miles. We had to drive a hour or more to get to a mall in either Middletown, Binghamton, or Scranton whereas now I have two really nice malls within a 10 minute drive. It’s so funny how I’m getting used to big box conveniences.)

We then went to Jo-Ann Fabrics where I got some canvas and red and black ribbon so I could make myself a message board! Pictures will be coming soon but I’m really proud at the way it turned out! However, I found out some really sad news, in terms of my future DIY endeavors. I accidentally left my craft box in my storage unit and what lil’ ol’ me found out is that when you leave craft glues and paints in an Upstate NY storage unit for 8 months, they will go bad. 

I also ended up claiming my birthday gifts from Sephora and The Body Shop…even though it’s not my birthday yet. =X It was funny though! I was dressed up in sweats because I just finished dogsitting Boy-I-Fancy’s dog for the weekend and I didn’t look festive at all but the salespeople enthusiastically said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I felt really awkward afterwards because I gave a sorta-excited-but-holding-back-a-little-because-it’s-not-May-20th-yet “thanks!” I think they thought I wasn’t having a good birthday haha. I don’t know how the actual day will go down, but I’m going to be a great smelling individual with my free gifts:

Sephora is giving out a Philosophy Shower Gel/Shampoo/Bubble Bath Gel called “Happy Birthday, Beautiful” and it smells like Vanilla Birthday Cake! 

I got some shampoo at The Body Shop. If you’re part of their rewards program, you get $10 off a purchase for your birthday. It smells awesome. And I got 14 oz of shampoo for $3, so you can’t beat that! 

Well, it’s time to build this cubicle! 

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the regulars.

The war between my laptop and my roommate’s internet router continues. Between my roommate, Boy-I-Fancy, and I- none of us can figure out why my laptop cannot connect to the network. As a result, I am still in exile at the local Starbucks. Even though I looked at this situation in a very negative light as my freelance work depends on having an internet connection, you know, it’s really not that bad anymore! I love looking around and seeing the regulars that come here every single night and the collegiate atmosphere of this place. On one hand, I’m going to miss it, but on the other, I’m pretty excited to move into the new place next week and support my Lark Street coffee shops once more.

Yesterday was pretty awesome. Well, except for the morning, I thought that I had pinkeye. Both of my eyes were bloodshot…and there were other symptoms along with it but I’ll spare you from that. I decided to play it safe and called out of work. When my roommate woke up, I had him look at my eyes, and we determined that whatever I had was caused by wearing my contacts for too long…oops! I have a horrible habit of doing that. I’ll be rocking the Buddy Holly glasses until Saturday, when I’m sure that my peepers are a-ok. 

After receiving that unofficial clean bill o’health from Dr. Roommate, I now found myself with an unexpected day off! I met up with Boy-I-Fancy and we ventured off to Bombers on Lark for Free Burrito Day.

From that point on, everything about yesterday was spectacular and random. I wore a scarf that I got off the clearance rack at Target. It wasn’t exactly my favorite scarf, I like soft scarves and even though the pattern was pretty, the cotton always felt rough on my skin so I hardly wore it. We were getting hungry, however when we were ready to leave, we found that our credit card tab did not meet the minimum charge limit. The bartender gave us a choice: drink more to cover the cost of the tab or she will forgive the tab if I gave her my scarf. I decided that if she really liked it, she could have it. As I said before, I hardly wore it anyway so if someone else will love something more than I will, I’d like to see it go to a new home.

We then walked to New World Bistro Bar with Brian. Brian and I never dined there before but the boy kept raving about the food. It was definitely the most adventurous and for the most part, delicious meal I have had all year! Brian had the Yellow Curry Shrimp and Fat Noodles and Boy and I decided to split two pizzas. We ordered the Evita, which was topped with blood sausage, tomato, mozzarella, and onions, and the Tie Dye Pie, which had four cheeses and Purple Haze sauce. What is Purple Haze sauce you may ask? Let’s just say this: the waitress asked us if we were sure if we really wanted to order it because it was really spicy and the busboy said that he wouldn’t go ten feet of it. We should have listened to the busboy. I couldn’t even get through one slice and I love spicy food! The Boy was a trooper though, he almost got through the whole thing! I have no idea how he did it but we both agreed that we will never eat it ever again. Apparently it was the second spiciest item on the menu…I think I can live without tasting the first spiciest item. The restaurant was great though and I can’t wait to go again!

Today, I finally got the Gardisil shot. I know I’ve been slacking on it since it came out in 2006 but when it first appeared on the scene, there was so much controversy surrounding it about whether or not it was safe and how long the effect would last, so I decided to wait for a little bit. After finding out that my local Planned Parenthood offered the shot for free and seeing that it has been shown to be a reputable and recommended vaccine, I figured why not? On my list of things to experience in life, I can tell you that cervical cancer is not on there so if I can take a step to prevent it, I’ll do it. Especially if it’s free.

I’ll tell you this though if you haven’t received the shot. It is SO PAINFUL. I felt like the needle was going through my bone! The shot is given in three doses over six months and according to my nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood, all three doses are equally excruciating. But hey, I truly believe that it’s worth it, so girls AND BOYS, if you haven’t received the shot, I suggest that you do.

Until next time, America. 

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Decorating Your Bathroom: Part One of Many. (Quirky Shower Curtains Under $20)

I feel that sometimes we forget about decorating our bathrooms. I don’t understand why though. Admit it- we spend a good amount of our time in there. You might as well make it a fun space!

I find that shower curtains can either make or break a room. Why is this? I’ve seen way too many bathrooms that have the typical white or clear shower curtain and it gets boring after a while. One of the things that make me smile is whenever I walk into a bathroom and seeing a cool and quirky shower curtain in there. It’s a real conversation starter! You also don’t have to break the bank to get a cool shower curtain. I found a few on teh interwebz. 

I found these movie themed shower curtains on They are $16 each! You can choose from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Yellow Submarine, or Singing in the Rain! These are a steal and I want to collect them all!

Another movie themed shower curtain from that is also $16. A must have for Hitchcock fans.

Here is a shower curtain from Target that has a Map of the World on it for $14.99. Unfortunately, Target is lame and won’t let me display the image here, so you’ll have to click this link to view it. One of the reviewers said that she learned all the countries that ended in “-stan” from this curtain. You could also play a game of Risk on this too.

Also from Tar-jay…a Dinosaur shower curtain for $19.99! rah, Rah, RAH, ROAR Dinosaur!

If you like Peanuts like me, you’ll love this shower curtain from Target that has a whole Snoopy comic strip on it for $19.99! 

This isn’t 20 bucks, it’s 38 but this is pretty sweet. It’s a DIY Shower Curtain kit from I figure this could be a fun project you could do with your roommate or your friends! 

Here is a Jolly Roger shower curtain from for $15.99! Shower Faucet Spewing Out Rum not included.