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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Seven

Bifurcate- to divide into two parts

The construction workers bifurcated the road to make one lane for cars and the other for bicycles. 

Boor- crude person, one lacking manners or taste

I hate hanging out with that boor; he never knows when to stop with the fart jokes.

Convoluted- intricate and complicated

When a relationship becomes so convoluted that it turns both parties into toxic characters, it is best to end it. 

Judicious- sensible; showing good judgment

My friend in DC always has judicious advice to offer. 

Knell- sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failure

When a Pope dies, you will hear the knell from the Vatican’s bell tower to alert the people of his passing. 

Meticulous- extremely careful; fastidious; painstaking

In order to perform well on the GRE Math section, I must be meticulous with my arithmetic to ensure I’m not making any careless errors. 

Puerile- childish, immature, or silly

I consider it puerile to get into fights on Facebook. 

Repast- meal or mealtime

I used to dread repasts at the college dining hall because of the poor quality of the food. 

Stasis- a state of static balance or equilibrium; stagnation

The Statue of Liberty is in stasis. Chicago won’t be taking it anytime soon. 

Tyro- beginner; novice

You can tell from my stances that I am a tyro in Tae Kwon Do. 

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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Six

Wow, I didn’t know people would like and reblog these posts, so I guess I’m doing something helpful! Thanks for the love! I would definitely recommend taking these words and making your own sentences out of them though. As I’ve been studying, I’ve found that I recall words better if I “own” them rather than memorize them. 

So let’s keep a good thing going, shall we?

Also, this weekend I plan to write about how I’m studying for the GRE Math Section.

August- dignified, grandiose

The New York State Capitol takes my breath away every time I step into it because of its august architecture. 

Cupidity- greed, strong desire

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison because of his cupidinous Ponzi scheme.

Diaphanous- allowing light to show through, delicate

Although I love the look of diaphanous curtains, I had to buy blackout curtains for my room because the sunrise kept waking me up around 5AM.

Decorous- proper, tasteful, socially correct

When one goes to a funeral, it is decorous to dress modestly out of respect for the deceased.

Ingenuous- showing innocence or childlike simplicity

My four year old brother brother was very ingenuous when I was leaving to go back to Albany. When he saw me get into my car he said “Allie don’t go bye-bye!” I told him that I had to go to work and he replied “ok, I’ll see you later!”

Liberal – tolerant or broad minded; generous or lavish

My mom always gives me liberal amounts of mashed potatoes. 

Lissome- easily flexed; limber; agile

With time, yoga conditions your body to become lissome

Mores- fixed customs or manners; moral attitudes.

My partner became very jealous after he saw a European man kiss my hand; however I had to explain that it’s just part of the mores of how Europeans greet each other. 

Officious- too helpful, meddlesome

In each campaign, there is always one officious volunteer who you must try to control before he or she hijacks your operations. 

Requite- to return or repay

I don’t mind the fact that you owe me money, I know that you’ll requite me sooner or later. 

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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Five

Abase- to humble, disgrace

After feeling the backlash from his Craigslist sex scandal, Chris Lee, the abased former Congressman, has kept a low profile. 

Abscond- to leave secretly

The soldiers absconded from the enemy side’s headquarters, after planting the bomb that would hopefully assassinate the leader and end the war.

Hoary- very old, whitish or gray from age.

There will come a day when my hair will be so hoary that I will not have the enthusiasm to dye it. At that point, I embrace aging gracefully. 

Licentious- immoral, unrestrained by society

Even though it is illegal, prostitutes still engage in licentious acts.

Lumber- to move slowly and awkwardly

As a fast walker, I can’t stand being behind people who lumber on the sidewalks.

Machination- plot or scheme

To make drivers aware of cyclists on the road, the local bicycle coalition organized a machination to meet up in the park at a certain time and bike around the city.

Occlude- to stop up; prevent the passage of

I stuck a patch onto my bicycle tube to occlude air through my tire.

Palliate- to make less serious, ease

Some women opt for epidural to palliate their pain during labor. 

Propriety- the quality of behaving in a proper manner; obeying rules and customs

It is important, before one signs a lease or agreement to live with roommates, to have an honest talk and discuss what the propriety should be in the domicile.

Salubrious- healthful

It is important to buy free range meat because since they do not have any fillers in them, making your meal more nutritious and salubrious. 

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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson Three

Abstemious- moderate in appetite

When you are an unpaid DC intern, expect to have many abstemious meals.

Deride- to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock

My friend thought I was deriding him when I playfully said he was attempting to off road with his hybrid bicycle. I was contrite when he told me he couldn’t tell whether or not I was joking. 

(one word from yesterday’s set used in this sentence! Seriously, I highly recommend writing out these sentences if you want to be able to recall these words on a whim!)

Dissemble- to present a false appearance, to disguise one’s real intentions or character.

I’m really bad at dissembling. Within 30 seconds, I have to tell the truth.

Malediction- a curse; a wish of evil upon another

A voodoo doll is a form of a malediction

Oblique- indirect or evasive; misleading or devious

The study, as presented, is oblique. You didn’t provide any data to support your claims. 

Obviate- to prevent; to make unnecessary

It is important to communicate freely with your loved ones; when everyone knows where they stand, it obviates the chance of fighting.

Peregrinate- to wander from place to place, to travel, especially on foot

Brian peregrinated all over Canton so he could knock on doors and remind voters to get out and vote on Election Day. 

Précis- short summary of facts

She thought it would be helpful to write a précis to accompany her thesis, in case readers didn’t have the time to read the 32 page paper. 

Politic- shrewd and practical in managing or dealing with things; diplomatic

It may sound like a weird approach, but it is important to be politic when dealing with typical issues and problems that you will encounter in your 20’s. Just remember, it’s not forever and live for the moment.

Raconteur- witty, skillful storyteller

Many Lost fans view J.J. Abrams as a raconteur.

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GRE Vocabulary Practice: Lesson One

From now until September 24th, I will be studying for the GRE everyday. I thought that it would be a good idea to take out a couple of GRE Vocab words (courtesy of Kaplan’s GRE Exam: Vocabulary in a Box) and construct some sentences and paragraphs out of them. I hope to do one of these a day. 

Abate- to reduce in amount, degree, or severity

Within a day, the sweltering heat abated and the citizens of Albany were able to enjoy a nice, warm breeze. 

Aggrandize- to increase in power, influence, and reputation

It can be assumed that Sarah Palin resigned from office to aggrandize herself. If she was still Alaska’s governor, it is likely that she wouldn’t have had time to write two best selling books, go on media tours across the country, and star in a reality TV show. 

Amulet- ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits

I bought an evil eye bracelet because I liked the design, not because of the fact that it is an amulet

Coalesce- to grow together to form a single whole. 

Gay marriage wouldn’t of passed in New York if it weren’t for the support of same-sex rights interest groups. They may have differed in their individual philosophies but they coalesced into one formidable force to pressure the Senators to bring the vote to the floor. 

Coffer- strongbox, large chest for money

Scrooge McDuck is so rich that the biggest coffer in the world couldn’t hold his money. He had no choice but to put it all in a vault that is bigger than most people’s houses!

Condone- to overlook, pardon, or disregard

When I was conducting a college tour, a parent was mad about SUNY Oneonta’s alcohol policy. She couldn’t believe the college condemned the presence of alcohol on campus, especially after visiting many college campuses that condone alcohol, if the students are over 21. 

Contrite- deeply sorrowful and repentant for a wrong

The hairdresser was very contrite after she realized she accidentally cut part of my ear off. 

Xenophobia- a fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers.

It is unfortunate that after September 11th, xenophobic feelings became prevalent across America, sometimes resulting in violence against innocent American citizens. 

Zeal- passion, excitement

My roommates used to make fun of me for watching CNN all the time but appreciated my zeal for following current events. 

Zealot- someone passionately devoted to a cause

Dude, that zealot has been on a hunger strike for four days now. He must really want Albany to get a Trader Joe’s!