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What I Wore On This Awesome, Sunny, Winter Day:

Grey flower-patterned dress by Sounds and Matter

Grey drape-y cardigan by New York and Company

Tights by American Eagle

Booties by Arizona

Belt by Gap

…and my puppies Zoey and Sassy. Both of them weren’t feeling photogenic today. Later I will be introducing Diesel and Delilah to y’all.

Boy, I’m watching too much Paula Deen.

It was a great day in rural America everyone! I not only went to the post office but I also went to the gas station!

As pathetic as it sounds, I really mean that. I don’t care where I’m going, if I’m able to get out of the house even if it’s to perform some chores- I’ll gladly do it if it means I get to drive in my car and sing to the radio on the top of my lungs. Where else but in North Branch, NY will a gas station cashier compliment me because I drive a Toyota? I didn’t hear that in Albany or DC when I lived there! Maybe the cliche is right…when life gives you lemon, you just have to make lemonade.

I’m getting pretty excited. Some awesome jobs are popping up in the Albany area (finally, finally, finally) and I don’t know. I have an awesome feeling about this month. I’m going to cross my fingers!

My little brother Ethan is running his fingers through my hair and is going “nice hair! hair dry!” Oh three year olds. End of tangent.

I signed up for the New York Warrior Dash in Windham, NY on August 13th. I am pumped! It’s going to be my first time competing in a race…but it isn’t just any race. The course is 3.2 miles and I will have to:

-step through hundreds of tires

-conquer a wooden barricade

-burrow through black tunnels

-forge my way through an uncharted forest

-venture through murky swamp water

-traverse a gully on wooden planks

-cross a narrow, wooden bridge

-dash down the river

-maneuver over cargo nets

-scale a slate wall

-slide down a mud slope

-jump over fire

and finally

-scramble under barbed wire.

Bring it on.