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The title of this post will be: 2011- The Year in which Alex Builds a Stable Table (and other things too)!

One day I will have a job! I don’t know when that’s going to be but hopefully it will be before March 1st. Having a job will mean having an apartment! Yet, one thing I want to change this time around is that I really want to focus on decorating and furnishing my apartment.

You see, I never really had the chance to make money when I lived in Albany. Since most of my money went to the finer things in life: paying $650 for rent, $100 for cable and internet…I didn’t have the money for furniture. If people wanted a place to sit in my studio they had four options:

1. bed (for 7 months, it was an inflatable bed…for the last 3 weeks it was a real bed)

2. rocking chair

3. computer chair

4. floor

If you wanted to eat in my apartment, I would direct you to the white, wicker coffee table in which we would sit on the aforementioned computer chair and rocking chair.

To tell you the truth- as barebones as it was- I still had the time of my life in that studio.

Now that I’m on unemployment, I still don’t have money. But! I really want to use my ample time to do something constructive.

Even if it means doing some construction.

Did you see that table on the top of the post? I’m going to make it. I’ll say it right now, I haven’t built many things in my life unless you count office chairs or the birdhouses I made when I was in Girl Scouts.

There’s a reason why I want to make a table. I want to acquire a new skill. This thing is not going to be easy. For example, my stepdad has already told me that you can’t just nail something together and expect it to be durable. I’d like to see if I have what it takes.

I’d like to use recycled wood as per the directions but the truth is, I can’t even think of where to find it. If I knew where to get it, I’d go for it but I don’t know where one can find recycled pallets in Sullivan County. I’ll probably end up going to Home Depot and get some wood.

I might as well take advantage of living at home. It’s the only place that has tools.