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…I guess there are some things I will never understand in this world. This seems like it would a no-brainer to lift your hand, scribble on a line on a ::gasp:: piece of paper, and make it law to help those who have experienced the unthinkable. 

Gov. Chris Christie holding up bill preventing rape victims from being billed for medical exams

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In the four years since the recession began, the civilian working-age population has grown by about 3 percent. If the economy were healthy, the number of jobs would have grown at least the same amount.

Instead, the number of jobs has shrunk. Today the economy has 5 percent fewer jobs — or 6.8 million — than it had before the last recession began. The unemployment rate was 5 percent then, compared with 9.1 percent today.

Even those Americans who are working are generally working less; the typical private sector worker has a shorter workweek today than four years ago.

Employers shed all the extra work shifts and weak or extraneous employees that they could during the last recession. As shown by unusually strong productivity gains, companies are now squeezing as much work as they can from their newly “lean and mean” work forces. Should a recession return, it is not clear how many additional workers businesses could lay off and still manage to function.

With fewer jobs and fewer hours logged, there is less income for households to spend, creating a huge obstacle for a consumer-driven economy.

-NY Times 


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The weakness of the American economy is most evident in the lack of jobs. Only 55 percent of working-age adults held full-time jobs in July, the lowest level in modern times. Some 25 million American adults want but cannot find full-time work, the government said Friday. The unemployment rate fell slightly, but mostly because 193,000 people stopped searching for jobs.

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Rugs Painted On Floors: WTF?

I love Especially right now because it provides the inspiration for the dream apartment that I will, one day, possess again. 

Yet I can’t stop scratching my head on this one. They featured photos from people who paint rugs on their floors today. 

I will admit the faux rug looks cool in the picture, but I don’t think I’d ever want that in my apartment. To me, a rug screams “comfort.” It’s something soft to lay on. It’s cozy to put your bare feet on. This floor treatment is such a tease! I’ve never even stepped foot in this apartment and I still feel cheated.